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Our holding company – the nerve centre and a platform for your career.

All LEONI Group activities are managed by our holding company in Nuremberg. Every aspect of the LEONI working environment is also reflected at our headquarters. There is a culture of freedom and independence that is focused on personal growth. Excellent communications, with a working environment shaped by a willingness to engage in dialogue, constructive teamwork and a personal commitment to current projects. A multicultural atmosphere, characterized by fairness, with employees of various nationalities and origins working together. And a commitment to sustainability, with employees trained fully to play important roles in multi-departmental, multi-specialist teams. 

The Wire & Cable Solutions Division – providing a joined-up path.

The Wire & Cable Solutions Division is responsible for the production of wires, strands and optical fibers, the development, manufacture and sales of cables and cable systems, and the provision of all related services. Focused entirely on expansion, this division offers huge growth opportunities for committed employees. In product management, we work closely with customers to tackle major technical challenges, and in product development, our staff regularly introduce entirely new materials. Production engineering is internationally focused and specializes in process, cost and quality optimization. The division encompasses fairness in how employees interact, sustainability with valuable career support provided, and quality in the excellent work produced for our core markets: the automotive sector, industry and healthcare, communications and infrastructure, electrical appliances, and conductors and copper solutions. Like elsewhere at LEONI, all these qualities thrive here.

Wiring Systems Division – drive your future forward.

LEONI is the European market leader for wiring systems and is one of the world’s premier providers of automotive electrical and electronic distribution systems.

More opportunities are opening up here than ever before as we develop the technology needed for the cars of the future. Innovative solutions are required for the development of wiring systems, as they are for manufacturing challenges, logistics, factory planning, and optimizing production technologies. The opportunity to grow personally by being involved in these kinds of complex issues, and to help bring about greater sustainability by working on electric transportation is what makes jobs at LEONI so sought-after. The growth of the industry is fully reflected in the way we think and act. We offer space for innovative ideas to flourish, and our culture is characterized by rapid decision-making, dialogue and feedback, enabling personal and professional development, and demonstrating our commitment to quality and fairness. Together, this delivers the excellence that leading international automotive manufacturers in the car, utility vehicle and spare parts sectors have long cherished.