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Definition: how we understand “green technology”

Greater shortages of resources and increasing environmental strain require rethinking at all levels in society. Industry is called upon to develop processes, products and applications that are sustainable, energy-saving and environmentally compatible. LEONI outlines its endeavours to improve both its value chain from an ecological aspect and, in a targeted way, to supply products for use in proven environmental technologies in its “green technology” concept.

In so doing, we rate our activities according to three criteria:

  1. Product: Our aim is to further increase the proportion of low-emission, environmentally compatible raw materials in our cable products as well as to raise the ability to recycle the processed materials and components.
  2. Process: We are continuously working on optimising resource efficiency in our manufacturing processes by deploying energy efficient machinery and implementing heat recovery measures. More and more facilities in our global production network are environmentally certified to the ISO 14001 standard.
  3. Application: We are increasingly offering products and solutions that are used directly in precisely defined markets and applications or serve as input products and components for green final applications, for instance in the solar industry and in railway engineering.