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Ecological responsibility –
A Management Task

At LEONI, ecology-minded thinking and acting rank among the trendsetting factors for successful development. The company placed the activities regarding environmental protection on a stable foundation several years ago already. In 1996, our plant in Bad Koetzting was the first European wire and strand manufacturer to be validated in accordance with an Eco-Audit.

Besides, LEONI has always shown solidarity with enduring environmental protection. We already respect ecology-friendly and efficient technologies for the development and manufacture of durable ecological products in the planning stage of our products and processes. Resources conservation, waste reduction and the continuing implementation of environmental goals have lead to a measurable improvement of the environmental performance at our certified plants.

Environmental protection as a corporate task is stipulated in the fundamentals of our environmental policy. Ecological aspects are an important factor in corporate decisions. 

Please turn to the Environmental Report (PDF 3.4 MB) of the Wire & Cable Solutions Division.