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Key data

Publication of agenda and invitation

04 April 2012

Mailing of invitations together with reply form for granting power of proxy and for ordering entrance tickets

18 April 2012

Registration for Annual General Meeting
  • in writing to the following postal address
    LEONI AG, Aktionärsservice,
    Postfach 1460, 61365 Friedrichsdorf
  • by fax on fax number
    +49 (0)69-2222-34280
  • by e-mail to the following address
  • electronically via internet (from 18 April 2012 onwards)
    and there at http://www.leoni.com/agm2012
Last day of registration

9 May 2012, 23:59 p.m.

Entrance tickets are mailed to shareholders only by

registrar services GmbH, Frankfurt.

AGM online service (from 18 April 2011 on)
  • to order entrance tickets, to grant a power of proxy or to give voting instructions
  • access data: shareholder ID and individual access number (can be found on the reverse side of the personalised invitation letter)
Submission of authorisations and voting instructions
  • in writing to be received by LEONI Aktionärsservice not later than 9 May 2012, 23:59 hours.
  • electronically via the AGM Online Service (see above)
Procedure for voting by a proxy

Shareholders who are entered in the share register can have their voting right exercised by a proxy during the Annual General Meeting, e.g. a credit institution, a shareholders’ association, the proxies named by the Company or any other third party. In this case, too, timely registration is necessary. Unless a credit institution, a shareholders’ association, another person of equal standing as a credit institution in accordance with Article 135 (8) of the German Public Companies Act (AktG), a financial services institution or a company operating pursuant to Article 53 (1) sentence 1 or Article 53b (1) sentence 1 or (7) of the German Banking Act (KWG) is authorised, the granting of the power of proxy, its revocation and the proof of authorisation to the Company must be submitted in text form (Article 126b of the German Civil Code (BGB)).

The declaration for issuing power of proxy may be made either to the authorised person or the Company. Proof of the appointment of a proxy towards the Company and any revocation of the authorisation can be transmitted to the Company in text form via one of the access channels listed in the “Registration” section using the contact data listed there. The proof may also be provided by presenting the power of proxy in text form on the day of the Annual General Meeting at the entry checkpoints to the Annual General Meeting. The aforementioned access channels are also available if the power of proxy is to be granted by declaration vis-à-vis the Company or if a granted power of proxy is to be revoked vis-à-vis the Company.

A form which can be used for the granting and proof of a power of proxy is found on the back of the entrance ticket which is sent out to shareholders following the submission of their registration for the Annual General Meeting in due form and within the specified period. The power of proxy may also be granted in any other correct form.

LEONI AG is once again offering its shareholders the option to authorise proxies appointed by the Company to represent them in the Annual General Meeting in accordance with their instructions. The particular features mentioned below apply in this case. The proxies can exercise the voting right only on those points of the agenda on which the principal has provided instructions. The proxies shall not accept instructions on points of order, either before or during the Annual General Meeting. Neither shall proxies accept mandates on making requests to speak, on entering an objection against resolutions of the Annual General Meeting or on asking questions or making applications.

Shareholders who have registered in good time can submit to the Company the authorisations and instructions required to authorise a proxy appointed by the Company in text form, via any of the access channels listed in the “Registration” section (address, fax number, e-mail address or website) using the contact data listed therein up to and including 15 May 2012, 23:59 hours. They may furthermore grant or amend authorisations and instructions in text form to the proxies up to and including 16 May 2012, received by the Company at the venue of the Annual General Meeting, at the desk provided for this purpose, as well as revoke instructions and authorisations also in text form. The internet service for the Annual General Meeting will also be available up to 16 May 2012, 10:59 hours.

For the authorisation of credit institutions, shareholders’ associations, other persons with a similar status as credit institutions in accordance with Article 135 (8) AktG, or financial service institutions or companies operating in accordance with Article 53 (1) sentence 1 or Article 53b (1) sentence 1 or (7) KWG, the statutory provisions apply, particularly Article 135 AktG, which deviate from the above-mentioned provisions on authorisations. The named institutions and persons must, for example, be able to provide evidence of their authorisation and may provide for particular requirements regarding the procedure for their own authorisation.

If the shareholder authorises more than one person as proxy, the Company is entitled to reject one or several of these persons.

Details with regard to the granting of powers of representation and instructions are explained in an information package that will be sent to the shareholders. This information can also be found at www.leoni.com/agm2012.

Annual General Meeting

16 May 2012 from 10:00 hours, admittance starting at 8:30 hours

Venue of AGM

Details / route map

Parking facilities
  • free of charge on the premises of NürnbergMesse
  • it is absolutely necessary to present your entrance ticket or invitation to LEONI’s AGM upon entering the car park
Live broadcast of speech of the Chariman of the Management Board for all interested parties
  • from 10:15 hours onwards
  • Dividend proposal: EUR 1.50*

* Subject to approval by the Annual General Meeting