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Media release06. November 2009

Leoni brings the world’s smallest one-piece RJ45 data transmission jack onto the market

Complying with class EA according to ISO/IEC: 30 percent more performance and faster assembly in offices and computing centres

Nuremberg/Stolberg – Leoni, the leading provider of cable systems to the automotive sector and other industries, has a new RJ45 jack module for data communication in its range. “ELine 500 plus” optimises the IT cabling in offices and computing centres because of several reasons: The jack module meets the strict requirements of the standard class EA, it is 30 percent more efficient and can be assembled fast thanks to its one-piece design; furthermore it supports Power over Ethernet (PoE/PoE+).

In the course of publication and growing circulation of IEEE 802.3an-compliant 10 GigaBit Ethernet, the market now has relevant cabling standards, which are designed for the 500 MHz bandwidth it requires.

Class EA – improvement to Category 6A

“The products based on different standards with regard to the efficiency of the components cannot be compared with one another”, Yvan Engels, product manager for the new jack stresses. “Compared to the US EIA/TIA standard, the tangibly stricter international ISO/IEC standard demands significantly higher values for the frequency range above 250 MHz and up to the intended maximum frequency of 500 MHz.” At 500 MHz the requirement for the permanent link is 2.5 dB higher. At first glance these 2.5 dB seem to be only a minor increase, however in actual fact in everyday IT work it amounts to 30 percent more performance by the jack components at 500 MHz.

With “ELine 500 plus” channels and permanent links that conform to class EA of the ISO/IEC 11801 and EN 50173 Amendment 1/2 can easily be adhered to. For 10GBE applications conforming to IEEE802.3an there are convenient power reserves available. Power over Ethernet (PoE / PoE+) is supported in accordance with IEEE 802.3af and IEEE 802.3at, which allows the direct power supply of IT devices like VoIP telephones, WLAN access points or webcams via the data cabling.

Affordable assembly thanks to one-piece design

The one-piece jack can be assembled without any tools by means of the cut-and-clamp method and permits extremely short assembly in less than 90 seconds. This reduces installation costs. The fitting clamps used make it possible to assemble both flexible and rigid conductors. The top and bottom of the jack are stored folded so that it can easily be opened again with the tool provided and can be reused. The fact that it can be used again both lowers the costs and protects the environment.

Apart from the outstanding performance characteristics, the new jack is also conspicuous because of its small dimensions. It is the smallest jack of its kind in the world, yet it can be used to implement up to 48 ports in 19" technology per unit of height.

Further images can be found here.

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