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Research & Development: what we are working on for the future

LEONI is not resting on its laurels. Rather, we continually offer the markets new solutions that meet our own environmental protection parameters and the demands of customers in terms of sustainability.

To do so, we conduct in-depth research and development (R&D) work in both of our divisions. Along with customer-specific products and systems, effort is focused on optimising production processes. Furthermore, we are engaged in the search for alternative materials and – especially in the automotive sector – for options involving installation space and weight optimisation to reduce environmental harm as well as to raise efficiency while at least maintaining quality.

Our Wiring Systems Division is continuing its R&D work involving the “green car”. The focus is on developing products for electrically powered vehicles as well as on lightweight construction. We aim to contribute to limiting vehicle weight even though our cables and cable systems have to connect ever more electronic safety and comfort applications. For example, we succeeded in developing and installing a new kind of conductor material for the showcase vehicles of a European manufacturer. We are also pursuing the target of increasingly integrating renewable raw materials in LEONI products.

In our Wire & Cable Solutions Division, too, the focus of R&D is on the subject of green technology – for example through miniaturisation, the use of environmentally friendly materials and developing new products for green industries. Ecological optimisation of product properties is a further focal point.

For our automotive industry customers we are reducing the weight and cross sections of cables by using alternative conductor materials, among other products for data and sensor cables. For instance, LEONI recently launched two new miniature cables for USB and LVDS applications in vehicles. We are currently working hard on further enlarging our offering for vehicles with alternative drive systems as well as related infrastructure applications.