LEONI has been making the best connections ever since it was established in 1917. 100 years on, we look back at the Company’s dynamic history and forward to an exciting future.

Anniversary welcome message from Dieter Bellé

In 2017, we’ll be celebrating our 100th anniversary with the motto “100 years – 100 faces”.

We are not only looking back at our long history but are also taking a look into the future, and intend to point out the diversity of our company in terms of its employees, products, applications and markets.

Above all, in our special year, we want to express our thankfulness. Our thanks go out to our loyal supporters who have helped to transform LEONI as a manufacturer of Lyonese wares into the global LEONI Group. Without you, we would not be proudly looking back on our history today.

We would like to thank our business partners, customers and suppliers, shareholders, media representatives and all of our other stakeholders in the LEONI Group. Without you, we’d be performers without an audience. You are our most important partners, supporters and critics. I hope that we will also meet your high expectations in the future and will continue to be successful.

My personal thanks go out in particular to the more than 77,000 employees who work for our company. You are LEONI – and you make the difference. Without your commitment and know-how, we would never have grown into the leading international cable and wiring systems company that we are today. Our 100-year success story is all thanks to your efforts.

Our markets are now being changed by trends such as Industry 4.0, digitalisation and autonomous driving. We are ready to face these challenges at LEONI, and are looking forward to sharing our next 100 years with you.

Yours sincerely,
Dieter Bellé (President & CEO)

LEONI connects people. Every day, worldwide and without limits. Even though you will not often actually see our products and systems – we are with you at home, en route and in the office. 

LEONI will celebrate its 100-year anniversary in 2017. The Company’s history however stretches back to the 16th century.

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Tradition, employees, quality, innovation and globalisation – these five subjects are of key significance to our Company. Five witnesses relate what this means to them personally. 

There are several employees, whose fathers and grandfathers already worked for LEONI. They have a special attitude and loyalty to the company, which is somewhat like a family to them.

Ernst Thoma
CEO 1978 – 2002 · LEONI AG

Quality is the core of everything we do in the company. We consider the entire value creation process. Moreover, quality is a mindset. It must be created and produced, not controlled.

Siham Touriz
Head of Quality Management, Morocco · Wiring Systems Division



The trick is to bring the German, systematic approach together with people’s flexibility and enthusiasm abroad. If we get this balance right, we can be really successfully in any of our markets.

Jerry Cummins
Head of Region Asia · Wire & Cable Solutions Division

A lot is done for staff not only in terms of the training. For example, in Roth we have campaigns like the Healthcare Week. I think it is really good when employees are looked after.

Alicia Zwick
Apprentice, Managing Director of LEONI Junior Group 2016 · Wire & Cable Solutions Division

Many years ago, Porsche asked us, if we could develop a preformed cable harness for easier fitting. Ever since, the customer needs much less time on the assembly line to process the component.

Bernd Käfer
Engineer, Research & Development · Wiring Systems Division

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Our employees are excited about our anniversary year. All around the world, there will be celebrations and events at many locations. Impressions from LEONI’s world.

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