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#qualityconnection: Our staff members talk about how they experience their job and working together in the numerous facets of our corporate culture.

“What makes me feel enthusiastic about my job?” “My favorite LEONI moment?” “What challenge brought me on?” We are all different in what makes us who we are, what fires us up and from where we are. But in all of this, there is something that connects us: LEONI. Where employees come together every day, where they collaborate on a range of projects of the future in one of Germany's most important industries.

Get to know the people and their own personal career paths, which lead LEONI to success. Professional qualification, a work-study master’s degree, or a post as expert – everyone has their own personal path and has their say here. Together we are LEONI - the #qualityconnection.


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Award for Leoni's path to the wiring system of the future
20 Dec 2023Press releaseCompany
Award for Leoni's path to the wiring system of the future
Winning the Agil.Award emphasises the company's pioneering role in agile working methods Read more
Autonomous truck sets course for the motorway
24 Oct 2023Press releaseCompany
Autonomous truck sets course for the motorway
ATLAS-L4 funding project records important milestones: - Sensor vehicle already collecting data on the autobahn - Technical basis laid for Control...Read more

Martin Rösler

The evolution of the power wiring system

Rapid developments of vehicles in today's world create a variety of new challenges. 


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