IT Solutions

“Here, you are supported and challenged from the start”

Natalie has been with LEONI since February 2020. She started out as a working student in Product Lifecycle Management; following in-house restructuring she ended up in Process IT where she was able to get hands-on experience of programming. Shortly before her graduation she was approached by her manager, who asked her whether she was interested in joining the IT Solutions team on a full-time basis. A fantastic opportunity for Natalie as a career starter!

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HR Development

“The opportunities I am getting here are great”

After successfully completing his training as industrial business manager at LEONI, Ahmed is now working as an expert in the HR Learning and Development department where he is managing the many processes as a career starter completely independently. What Ahmed loves particularly: the insight into training management, the relaxed team atmosphere where questions and ideas are always welcome, and the regular contact with applicants. Finally, he gets to see what it's like to be on the other side of the table during an interview! 

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Global Recruiting

“I bring the HR strategy and media together”

Vera started out as a working student in HR Marketing at LEONI in March 2021 and completed her master's dissertation on “Instagram as an HR marketing tool” at the same time. She joined LEONI with a full-time position in Global Recruitment focusing on social media straight afterwards. Since then, she has been working on the development of a global social media strategy and on positioning LEONI as an attractive employer. If Vera is not busy travelling in Australia or Northern Europe, she can be found roving around social media. Take a look at our socials to make sure you don't miss any of her posts and campaigns!

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“I am the business administration consultant in our tech area”

Timo joined LEONI in Technology Controlling straight after graduating from Würzburg-Schweinfurt Technical College in business administration – with his focus on finance and strategy he was a perfect match. What attracts him particularly to his post is the fact that he works with the big names in the automotive sector and gets to know the industry really well. Timo particularly appreciates the high level of responsibility and trust he has received despite his young age, and the modern office in Kitzingen rounds everything off nicely for him.

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