Sales Support

“Personal advancement is guaranteed”

Andrea has been with LEONI since 2018; her career began in Corporate Controlling. After about 6 months she took on the role of Finance Manager as part of a transformation program. In addition, she was assigned the role of Head of Calculation Support. Since November 2021, she has been in charge of the entire Sales Support section.

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Product Development

“Turning my hobby into a job”

Markus has been working as an expert in electronics software at LEONI in Kitzingen since May 2022. His degree in IT at Würzburg Technical College with a focus on smart systems provided him with the ideal theoretical background knowledge. Markus had previously worked as a software developer, putting his passion for hardware-related software into practice. At LEONI, he feels like he has been able to turn his hobby into a job.

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Liquidity Forecasting

“Happy to be back at LEONI”

Jessica initially completed her training as an industrial business manager. After completing a part-time bachelor’s degree course in finance, she joined the Corporate Finance & Treasury department at LEONI AG in Nuremberg in 2016. Jessica subsequently gained two years of external IT experience and made a short detour into integrated bank management. In April 2022 she found her way back to LEONI.

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IT Governance

“I have stayed loyal to LEONI to this day”

Johannes has been with LEONI since March 2016. He previously completed his B.Sc. degree in Applied IT in Nuremberg. His path to LEONI led via a post as a working student in IT Compliance. Johannes took advantage of this opportunity to join us as an expert in IT Governance and now works in Audit, Risk, Compliance and Quality Management.

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Corporate IT

“I have seen many changes”

Heinrich has been with LEONI since July 1991, making him almost part of the furniture! Before starting out as a program manager he was part of our global IT team and played a big part in expanding the IT department from a mere ten staff members in Nuremberg to over 600 worldwide. Since then, he has pushed ahead with innumerable projects, looked after IT program management and, since 2021, he has been manager of our major FLOW initiative. To find out more about our IT projects head to the IT page.

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Corporate IT

“Initiative and trust are what it's all about”

Christoph has been with LEONI since 2018, and notwithstanding his young age he is our Chief Information Officer. This means that he is responsible for the entire IT section at LEONI and for hundreds of staff members. Christoph's main task is to push ahead with the technological transformation at LEONI – an exciting challenge with a great many opportunities because there is no let-up in technical trends! In our day-to-day business you can usually find him in global meetings or engaged in lively debates with colleagues.

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