Expert in IT Governance: Audit, Risk, Compliance and Quality Management

My name is Johannes and I have been with LEONI since March 2016. Before joining LEONI, I completed a Bachelor of Science degree in Applied IT at Otto-Friedrich-University in Bamberg. My path to LEONI led via a post as working student in IT Compliance: this allowed me to gain initial work experience at LEONI during my degree course. I have stayed loyal to LEONI to this day – not only because the company has offered me an outstanding start into professional life but also because I feel totally at home here after working here for what are now 6 years. I am currently working as IT Governance Lead Expert for the Audit, Risk, Compliance and Quality Management departments. My main tasks include identifying and managing general and sector-specific IT compliance requirements as well as the (further) development of policies, processes, and work instructions. I am also the contact for IT governance, risk and compliance issues and part of the risk coordination unit for corporate IT risks.


What do you love about your job?

What I love is that I never feel like I am a “small cog” in the big LEONI Group with sites in almost 30 countries. If you want to make a difference and change things, you can make a full contribution and realize your own ideas – which is precisely what I was looking for.

In particular, what I love about my job in IT Governance is the great variety of issues and large number of interfaces. Maintaining them is very important because communication takes place not only within our IT but also with important governance departments outside. As a result, the work is very varied, and it never gets boring.

Another very exciting aspect is that I am involved in virtually all central IT processes. For me, it is mostly about implementing major compliance controls, which in itself is quite a big task. Nevertheless, working in collaboration with the relevant process owners I always aim to achieve the important but challenging goal of keeping processes streamlined and efficient, despite compliance.



How does LEONI support you in tackling your tasks as IT Governance expert?

LEONI grants me a high level of responsibility for my own actions, which suits me well. At the same time, I never feel like I have been left to my own devices. If I need help, I can always count on my line managers. I am always given the opportunity to expand my knowledge through professional advancement and practical training; gaining specialist certificates is also supported and encouraged by LEONI. Soft skills training is held not only on a half-yearly basis in teams but also monthly as part of the “Smart Wednesday” program for our entire IT.



What is the work culture at LEONI like?

The atmosphere and social interactions at LEONI are very family-like. We know and appreciate each other. New colleagues are given a very warm welcome here. Even in the rare instances where processes don't work as well as we thought, new team members experience a great deal of helpfulness and support from their more experienced colleagues. For me, the mood in the team and outside could not be better. Fun and humor are on the agenda alongside purposefulness and dedication.



What characteristics do you think someone needs to bring to be successful in IT at LEONI?

I think that you need a high level of commitment and a solution-oriented way of thinking. Our IT at LEONI offers employees who enjoy contributing and realizing their own ideas great potential for development. Two other important characteristics are honesty and authenticity. Here in IT, we are very down-to-earth and honest – there is no clear dividing line between the job and your private life. Because I greatly appreciate my colleagues, we also have personal, friendly conversations. This is something you should be open to. And humor always helps!



What has been your best / most exciting moment at LEONI to date?

It was when I was lucky enough to visit several sites in Romania, including Bistrița, our main facility in the north of Romania, and Arad in the west, which were piloting new production processes. Not only did I get the opportunity to hold the LEONI product in my own hands and experience the production process from up close, I was also able to make valuable contacts with colleagues in Romania. The benefit of this contact has remained with me to this day, and I am looking forward to the next opportunity to visit one of our sites.



What has changed at LEONI in recent years?

Since I joined in 2016, LEONI has undergone several transformation processes. During those 6 years I have, despite the difficult time, observed very positive changes in the composition of our senior management. Our management culture has changed perceptibly for the better: the senior management attaches great importance to transparent communication; it involves employees through formats such as town halls and regularly takes time to comment on questions asked by staff members. At the same time, depending on the department, there is still some way to go. A real change in mindset takes time, of course.

The transformation of the organization including all processes constitutes the lion's share of the entire change process. LEONI has worked hard and continues to work hard on realigning the business processes in an efficient and optimized manner. This entails perceptible changes in the coordination of interfaces, communication and, of course, cross-department collaboration.



What three words would you use to describe LEONI briefly and succinctly?

  • Family-like
  • Flexible
  • Inspiring


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