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My name is Jessica and I work in Corporate Finance & Treasury at LEONI AG in Nuremberg. I found my way back to LEONI in April 2022 and have continued to write my personal LEONI success story since then – between 2016 and 2020 I was employed in the same department.

After completing my bank training and following a part-time bachelor's degree in Finance I joined LEONI’s Treasury department in 2016. From 2018 to 2020, I completed a part-time master's degree to continue my personal and professional development.

In the interim I gained further experience with another employer in IT and made a brief detour into integrated bank management. I am now happy to be back in Treasury at LEONI.


What does your typical working day as a specialist in Finance & Treasury look like?

Roughly speaking, you can think of Corporate Finance & Treasury as a bit like a bank within the company. Among other things, we take care of the available financial liquidity of the LEONI Group, the Group's financing, global payments, and currency management. My tasks within the Liquidity Forecasting team include assisting cash management as part of rolling 13-week liquidity planning and the implementation of the longer-term 18-month cash flow planning at overall group level, which also plays a major role in downstream currency management. Also, I look after various internal Treasury reporting issues. Another very exciting area of activity for me right now is the project to implement a new liquidity planning tool.



Why did you opt for LEONI as your employer?

For me, LEONI has always been an attractive employer in the Nuremberg region. I find working in a large and international group very exciting; at the same time, I also appreciate what I would say is almost a family-like atmosphere at LEONI together with the fact that we communicate as equals. I have always felt very much at home at LEONI, right from the start. This was also the reason why I could be sure that my return was a good decision. The cool side-effect of our Nuremberg base is its central location: the train station is nearby, which means that you can get to the office easily by public transport, and it takes even less time to walk to the city center. As a team, we occasionally enjoy a delicious lunch in the city center, the choice is extensive, ranging from curries to salads and burgers. LEONI is also a member of the IG Metall trade union, which guarantees very good working conditions and attractive pay.



What is the work culture at LEONI like?

What is wonderful about LEONI is that we live a genuine togetherness instead of competition and everyone for themselves. We pull together in difficult situations. This is true not just in my team but across the whole department. For me, this is one of the most important factors in work life: a team where the word TEAM is lived and has real meaning, and where people help each other with their expertise, advice and support. This includes us taking the opportunity to talk about “normal stuff” outside work over a cup of coffee, because we are interested in each other. Another good example is the “after work regulars' table” at our Nuremberg base: because of our central location, many bars, restaurants, and events such as the Old City Festival or the Christmas Market are only a few minutes’ walk away. We enjoy meeting there after hours, outside of work.



What has been your best / most exciting moment at LEONI to date?

That was, in fact, my return to LEONI in 2022 – I felt like I had returned to the right place. After spending three and a half years in Treasury at LEONI, from 2016 to 2020, I felt the need to gain additional professional experience in other industries and areas. Because of my two part-time degrees, which required a full-time position, I never had the opportunity to do so (for example, through internships or as a working student). I initially opted for IT, where I was able to maintain my links to treasury in a project for the introduction of a new trade finance tool. However, following a further foray into the areas of controlling and corporate governance in a small bank I concluded that corporate treasury suits me best. I spontaneously recalled my time at LEONI with all its exciting tasks and great colleagues. If you know what your goal is you can act: Following a meeting with my former colleague, who is now my line manager, everything went through the official channels and I was welcomed back by my old team in April 2022, with great joy on both sides.



What three words would you use to describe LEONI briefly and succinctly?

  • Team spirit
  • Down to earth
  • On the right track


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