Training as industrial business manager

“Advancement and real promotion are a very big focus of my training”

Helena is a committed industrial business manager trainee who is in the second year of her training at our Kitzingen site. She successfully completed an apprenticeship as a medical assistant and now wants to delve more deeply into business issues with us. Her responsibilities? Diversity is probably the best word to describe them. At the moment, she is getting to grips with the main procedures and processes in the Logistics department.

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Degree in business administration with in-depth practical experience

“I found the perfect combination for me in my degree course”

Jannik is writing his master's dissertation in Technology Controlling on Recording the costs of customer product development projects.” He is pursuing a degree in business administration with an in-depth practical component at Würzburg - Schweinfurt Technical University and working for LEONI during his semester vacations. The international setting and regular team events are particularly important to him.

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Work-study degree program in Electrical Engineering

“Here I help to shape the future from Day 1”

In addition to genuine insights into potential jobs, which go into depth thanks to several months spent in one LEONI department, as a work-study program student in Electrical Engineering Florian particularly appreciates the relaxed atmosphere and the interest of his managers in his topics and the tasks that he develops independently. He has been with LEONI since September 2020 and is looking forward to exciting electromobility projects that are still at the starting blocks.

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Work-study degree program in Wiring Systems Development at master's level

“The good working atmosphere and team spirit are incredibly important to me”

As an applicant, Cynthia was won over by the warm atmosphere during the interview. What does she now feel particularly enthusiastic about as one of our work-study program students at master's level? LEONI’s exciting product range, which is unparalleled, and the sense of solidarity within her team. Cynthia’s master's degree is in Wiring Systems Development at Landshut Technical College.

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