Degree course in business administration with in-depth practical experience

My name is Jannik and I have been with LEONI since September 2019. My anchor was the business administration degree course with in-depth practical experience: thanks to this model, I am studying at the University of Applied Sciences in Würzburg-Schweinfurt and working for LEONI during the semester vacations. I am currently based in the Technology Controlling department – very exciting thanks to the combination of numbers and innovation – and writing my bachelor's dissertation on the topic of Recording the costs of customer product development projects.” After graduating, I will have a full-time job in this department.


What does a typical working day as a business administration student with in-depth practical experience look like?

I find my working day very varied and exciting. During my degree course, I will be working in a number of departments and learning everything from scratch. A typical day starts with reading and replying to emails. Sometimes that can take a bit longer because in Controlling I receive many ad hoc enquiries from colleagues in other departments. I then delve into my various projects: right now, for example, I am working on the planning and budgeting process in Technology Controlling. Specifically, what this means is talking to the project managers about upcoming project costs and preparing the segment's budget presentation. During the preceding practical phase I was also able to support the project team of our new management concept: I took charge of communications with the various global sites and their HR to establish the necessary cost centers and place them into a suitable hierarchy. I also supported the Governance & Standards department, here the focus was on standardized process and parameters in Controlling.



Why did you opt for LEONI as your employer? 

I chose LEONI as an employer because it is a large international group and because the Kitzingen site combines many different departments where I could gain great experience during my practical phases. What I particularly value is the fact that I am always treated like a fully-fledged team member and that I am assigned tasks accordingly.



What is the work culture at LEONI like? 

I am very happy with the work culture at LEONI. There is always a friendly atmosphere in all departments, and we often go for lunch together. And catch-ups over the weekend over a cup of coffee are also a frequent feature. If I have any questions or anything is unclear, I know that my colleagues are always there for me – although in most cases someone offers me their direct help before I ask.



What has been your best / most exciting moment at LEONI to date?

LEONI organizes regular excursions for all work-study students and trainees. We have had visits to the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart, barbecue evenings at or canoeing trips on the nearby Mainschleife river – a beautiful place in every season. These events are always highly entertaining and are definitely among my highlights.



What has changed at LEONI in recent years?

A lot has changed at LEONI over the past few years: basically, the entire organization has worked out a new structure for itself, which of course needed to be put into practice step by step. In Controlling itself, quite a few things have also changed with the new control concept, making our everyday work easier and opening up exciting projects.



What advice would you give to someone starting at LEONI?

As an international company LEONI offers many opportunities for getting involved – showing initiative most definitely pays off. Whether it is an entirely new idea, suggestions for improvement or active support / inspiration for a project in another department, by tackling things actively you advance both yourself and the company. 



What three words would you use to describe LEONI briefly and succinctly?

  • Dynamic
  • Appreciative
  • Fostering

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