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Whatever phase of your career you are in, at LEONI you can embark on new paths and forge further ahead with your development. We are looking forward to involving you in our exciting projects and benefiting from your experience. A results-oriented, family-like atmosphere awaits you here, with international prospects and a wide range of different tasks. Lifelong learning is a focus for us, as is taking responsibility from Day 1.

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Who are the faces behind LEONI? Take a look at our various career paths:

  • ”LEONI is a major player in the German automotive sector and has a global presence: 101,000 employees in 28 countries. Our product, the cable harness, is needed in all cars, be they with ICE, hybrid, or fully electric power. So, without LEONI nothing moves. At the same time, our products can form part of a sustainable and truly clean mobility – I wanted to be part of that. But the deciding factor was the personal impressions I gained: I had a good feeling about the company from the first hour of the selection process. Every single person matters, and everyone can make a difference here. Personal advancement is guaranteed!”

    Andrea, Head of Sales Support

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  • ”What I appreciate at LEONI is the teamwork and the open, honest, and transparent communication. Our employer asks all staff across all hierarchy levels for their opinion, for example through workshops and surveys. I think it’s great that I am given the opportunity to work from home on a regular basis. This allows me to juggle the work/life balance much better, especially as a father. And last but not least, the food in the canteen is quite simply delicious!”

    Markus, Embedded Software Developer in Product Development

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  • “For me, working in a large international group is extremely exciting. At the same time, what I also hugely appreciate about LEONI is the family atmosphere and the fact that we communicate as equals. I felt very much at home at LEONI from my first stint here – this is ultimately the reason why I felt sure that returning was a good decision. The cool side-effect of our Nuremberg site is its central location: the train station is only 350 meters away, which means that you can get to the office easily by public transport, and it takes even less time to walk to the city center. Here, we as a team occasionally get together for a delicious lunch. The range is huge, you can get anything, from Indian food to lunch bowls and burgers. LEONI is also a member of the IG Metall trade union, which guarantees very good working conditions and attractive pay.”

    Jessica, Specialist in Finance & Treasury

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  • “I would spontaneously describe the atmosphere at LEONI and the way people interact as familiar. We know and rate each other, new colleagues are very warmly welcomed. Even in the rare instances where processes don't work as well as we would like, new team members experience a great deal of helpfulness and support from their more experienced colleagues. The mood both in my own team and outside could not be better, in my opinion. Fun and humor are a firm part of my daily agenda alongside purposefulness and dedication.”

    Johannes, expert in IT Governance: Audit, Risk, Compliance and Quality Management

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  • ”The atmosphere in IT is a good mix: direct, transparent, and marked by trust. We are all in the same boat, which is why hierarchy levels don't play that much of a role. It is far more important for us to demonstrate our own initiative and ambition, to resolve technical and interpersonal challenges. We offer a great deal of scope for this and promote colleagues wherever possible. At LEONI, I see a very harmonious mix of elements that might be considered contradictory: an international stock corporation with a family atmosphere and a high degree of collegiality meets a long corporate history with constant (technical) innovations.”

    Christoph, Chief Information Officer

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  • “At LEONI, responsibility is given early on: for this, independent and reliable working are required. You are supported by your colleagues in this: we attach very high importance to teamwork, and you are always given the opportunity to contribute your own ideas. Trust is a top priority at LEONI: from flexible working hours to working from home and the freedom to shape projects.”

    Heinrich, Program Manager FLOW

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