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Your studies have provided the theory. Internships and/or your thesis have confirmed your choice of career. Now it’s time to lay the foundations for your future. We’re delighted that we have made your shortlist, and can offer plenty in return – both at the start of your career and beyond. Our atmosphere inspired by teamwork and international flair, while we can provide an extremely diverse range of roles and responsibilities. From our graduate hires, we look for a thirst for knowledge, curiosity, an interest in international challenges and a passion for shaping change. By combining your ambition with our history of success, we can ensure a bright future for both parties.

In particular, LEONI is looking for university graduates in the following subjects:

  • Production engineering
  • Process engineering
  • Materials science
  • Industrial engineering
  • Business informatics
  • Economics
  • Electrical engineering
  • Automotive engineering
  • Precision engineering
  • Information technology
  • Plastics engineering
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Physics

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Getting to grips with challenges right from day one.

At LEONI, you will be integrated immediately into one of our ongoing projects, giving you the chance to prove your skills and knowledge. In addition, you will continue to develop under the guidance of a specially assigned supervisor from your division. A targeted, personalized induction programme will provide the best possible preparation for your role. As time progresses, your commitment, skills and motivation will be the critical factors when it comes to assigning greater responsibility. At LEONI, innovative ideas are always welcomed, while regular appraisals and support will help you achieve rapid success. And that success confirms we’re on the right track – both for you as a new starter and for us as a responsible employer.

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Our traineeships: orientation and specialization.

LEONI has various options for trainees. Depending on internal requirements, our trainees are immediately integrated into teams, so they can familiarize themselves with the work of various departments in the context of international projects. Before you join us, we’ll ask whether you already know in which area you wish to continue your traineeship after your induction period, or if you prefer to wait and decide later on. At LEONI, both ways are possible.

Starting fall 2013 in the Wiring Systems Division both ways are possible. In the commercial and technical interdisciplinary programme you can wait until later in the programme to decide on a specific area of focus. In the functional programmes your final department is already fix at the beginning. In the Wire & Cable Solutions Division, meanwhile, you will concentrate on one specialization from the very start.

One thing that is common to both divisions however is the combination of theoretical training and real-world learning on-the-job. This ensures that wherever you see your future, you can deploy your skills in the most effective way possible.