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Jelena Spasić                 #SERBIA #HR #RESULT-ORIENTATION

A quick-response support system based on transparency

January 2024

One thing I find both amazing and impressive here at LEONI in Serbia is our unique quick-response support system between our locations. The idea itself is not a novelty, but I like the fact that we've fine-tuned it to the point where we can assemble teams within hours if needed.

In my view, our ability to mobilize people from one site to another in 4 to 8 hours is a real-world example of two things:

First, it shows how well our departments work together – leadership, logistics, and communication are all synced up to make it happen and currently, we have more than 130 staff members who participate in this support exchange.

Secondly, it’s also an expression of our culture: The success of these movements largely depends on how empathically and transparently we communicate with our teams. We make sure that everyone gets the information they need when they need it, understands the facts, and knows the objectives behind these shifts.

I remember one time in particular when we faced a significant test, having to manage work at two different sites simultaneously. We were tasked with transferring a project from Malošište to Niš – and beyond just learning the ropes of the new project, our management team had to split their time between the two locations for five months. The goal wasn't just to train new people for the project but also to set up a team that could function independently of direct supervision.

Challenges like this are tough, but I see them more as opportunities for our myself and our employees to grow, improve their skills, and integrate into new teams.

And the thing that makes it all possible is this feeling of part of the LEONI family, not just on a local scale but globally.



Jelena Spasić

Head of HR Serbia,

LEONI Wiring Systems Southeast d.o.o. Prokuplje

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