• “Creative approach to
    intelligent problem-solving.”

    Michael Tisdell, Research & Development

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  • “Thinking
    outside the box!”

    Aravind Ramesh Chakravarthi,
    Research & Development

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  • “Generating ideas –
    and making them work.”

    Karl-Friedrich Diele, Research & Development

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  • “Bravely striking new paths.”

    Michael Frommberger (Ph. D.),
    Digital Solutions

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  • “A hands-on culture
    with plenty of pragmatism.”

    Frédéric Holzmann (Ph. D.),
    Research & Development

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  • “Into a new and
    digital age!”

    Sebastian Kehrlein, Digital Solutions

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  • “Sharing
    common values.”

    Fernando Perez Lazcano,
    Research & Development

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  • “Want digitalization?
    Think teamwork first”

    Sebastian Sommer, Digital Solutions

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  • “Agile not just by
    saying you are.”

    Björn Rösner, IT

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  • “Drivers for change.”

    David Willner, Research & Development

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  • “Helping to shape
    the digital future.”

    Oana Buliga (Ph. D.),
    Digital Business Model Innovation

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  • “Achieving more as a team –
    together with your colleagues”

    Andreas Thanner, IT Security

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LEONI as an employer

Welcome at LEONI!

Behind our 100 locations, there are not only more than 90,000 people from more than 30 nations and cultures as well as a wide range of competencies and qualifications, but also a plenty of different jobs and development opportunities.

Get your own impression about the diversity at LEONI! Our colleagues allow you to have a look behind the scenes. They talk about their career development, about their daily working life, about the aspects of their work they enjoy most, and about what motivates them personally.


  • IT Security Analyst

    “No two days are ever the same. As an IT Security Analyst, I analyse attacks on our IT infrastructure, run active scans for vulnerabilities and implement measures to protect LEONI.”

  • Team Lead PPS External Logistics

    “From augmented reality to cloud connectivity and intelligent cables, digitalization is a key factor for us as a company, and for our production and product.”

Digital Solutions

  • Consultant Digital Solutions

    “I very much enjoy working on technology-driven innovations. At LEONI, for example, intelligent cables and integrated sensor systems are now becoming increasingly important.“

  • Development Engineer Simulation

    “What I like is the variety in my job. I don’t just work on simulations, but also coordinate projects, develop simulation infrastructure in terms of both software and hardware, and do test bench support.”

  • Head of Digital Business Model

    "What motivates me personally is the goal of establishing LEONI as a leading provider of intelligent energy and data solutions over the next few years.”

  • Head of Technology Platform

    “My team and I work on the technological building blocks for data-driven business models such as electronics and sensor integration, simulation and data analysis connectivity solutions, and cloud services.”

Research & Development

  • Development Engineer Data Networks

    “After my degree, LEONI gave me a head start in a promising and challenging career.”

  • Development Engineer & Project Lead

    “Because LEONI is involved in the product development process from predevelopment through to pre-production and high-volume production, there are many ways for us developers to contribute our know-how.”

  • Head of Power & Data Solutions

    “The digital transformation is changing many processes and products. Vehicles, for example, are increasingly becoming ‘computers on wheels’.”

  • Innovation Manager R&D

    “In Research & Development, we’re a team of specialists who work on developing strategies for the products of the future.”

  • Team Lead Simulation

    “Validated simulation methods are the only way to obtain complex design solutions in a short space of time.”

  • Value Analyst & Engineer

    “As vehicle functions multiply and data volumes grow larger, energy and data management are becoming increasingly complex.”