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LEONI as an employer

Employee Development

Individual Development Process

The Individual Development Process (IDP) is a key part of our training strategy. It is a special programme for managers of the future, as well as our current management team. With the aid of skills and potential assessments, appraisals and support plans, we plot out the course for participants’ development. This is of course, in our own interest too – we always prefer to recruit managers from within the company, whether from different departments, or even different countries.

Secure your personal success.

Success doesn’t just happen by chance. It is something that can be planned, and we seek to provide the ideal conditions for you to thrive, from the moment you join us. The induction period is designed to help new employees adapt to their role as quickly as possible. From the very start, employees get to grips with varied, demanding projects, and knowing that they will have the opportunity to continuously build on their existing skills and knowledge gives our staff peace of mind and allows them to assume greater responsibility in a very short time.

To ensure they achieve the success they are capable of, employees and their superiors work together to agree a set of goals and targets. This ties in with our strong culture of feedback. At LEONI, we also think dynamically when it comes to our employees’ professional development.

Training Programmes and Coaching

We believe that future opportunities only materialize when creativity and expertise are combined. To promote both, we have developed special training programmes for our employees. These give staff the chance to develop their skills, whether in a specific area or across multiple disciplines/divisions. They cover a wide range of topics, from health management, safety in the workplace and environmental protection, to presentation, time-management and language courses. There are also training sessions to improve intercultural understanding and awareness, as well as coaching sessions on topics such as project management, technical skills and methodological expertise, both internally and externally. This allows employees to firm up their professional knowledge and skills, while being inspired through new areas.

All these programmes can also be delivered in the workplace as part of on-the-job training. In addition, we regularly consult our employees on whether their scope of responsibilities can be expanded (job enlargement) and if so, how. We are open to and support any initiatives that involve thinking outside of the box, such as job rotation.