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LEONI as an employer

Work-life balance

Relax and recharge, regularly.

We know that our employees are firmly committed to LEONI. They identify with the company and always give their best, day in, day out. We value their hard work and motivation – which is why there are a number of schemes in place to ensure our employees enjoy a good work-life balance. For example, some flexi and part-time jobs can be tailored to the individual’s personal situation, and depending on the role, working from home and job-sharing are also possible.

We seek to foster a sense of community between our employees, and we organize various activities to achieve this. At our LEONI football tournament, teams came from a number of countries where we operate. Our company footraces are literally a ‘runaway’ success, with the number of participants climbing year on year. We arrange parties in the summer and at Christmas. And we always look to engage in personal dialogue – not just in terms of regular appraisals and feedback, but through round-table discussion with plant managers, with the aim of increasing employee satisfaction. Our employee surveys serve the same purpose. As confirmation that we’re on the right track with these initiatives, we are regularly ranked among the top employers in Germany.