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Combine theory and practice with an international dimension.

At LEONI, you can start sowing the seeds for a successful career while you’re still studying. Whether you join us as an intern, a student employee or to do your thesis – we can offer you a range of attractive, interesting options. You will get to know the company up close, see our high quality standards for yourself, and be integrated in our processes. All these things provide a chance to learn and develop, acting as a springboard for an exciting career full of extraordinary opportunities.


Get real-world experience.

At LEONI, we offer paid internships of between three and six months. If you live far away from the site where you’re working and commuting isn’t an option, we can also help you find accommodation. In addition, there is the opportunity to complete some or all of your internship abroad – if you’re interested, just let us know early so we can plan accordingly.

Internships for engineering students.

Students with a technical background can get work experience at LEONI in many different areas, such as electric transportation, electromechanical components, measuring and laboratory technology, design and development, production engineering and process planning, materials planning, product and process calculation, and rapid prototyping.

Internships in commercial areas.

LEONI also offers a wide range of options for gaining practical experience for a commercial career. Logistics, sales, human resources, management accounting, travel management and procurement are all key parts of an international business like ours.

Student Employees

A winning combination of theory and practice.

At LEONI there is also the opportunity of completing your studies, while learning on the job and earning money. As stated in German law, student employees may be enrolled at a university and work at our company for up to 20 hours per week. You will of course have a contract of employment that, among other things, states a regular salary. Between semesters, you can increase your working week to up to 40 hours, on a par with a full-time job. This type of arrangement really does benefit all parties. As a student employee, you get practical, real-world experience in addition to your university studies, you can expand your network and make valuable contacts, and you can start focusing on specific areas early, and thus identify potential topics for your Bachelor’s or Master’s dissertation. And it goes without saying that LEONI is keen to take on candidates with this experience full time, once they’ve finished their studies.


Your thesis and your initiative.

LEONI has a number of divisions and areas that offer suitable topics for a thesis. To identify a subject that interests both parties, we work with students to define the exact scope of the thesis. While you won’t find many thesis roles on our jobs pages, you are still urged to apply if interested – we are looking for you to take the initiative, and suggest to us a topic that is both exciting and convincing, or provide details of the area you’re interested in. We will then contact you and discuss the next steps.

University collaborations.

Our belief in combining theory and practical training is reflected in our close relationships with various universities. A lecture theatre at Würzburg-Schweinfurt University is named LEONI, and is proof of our commitment to sharing knowledge and technology based on the very latest research and science. We ensure that the content of internships, study projects and theses are tightly integrated with the curriculum, providing the ideal conditions for you to get your career off to a flying start.

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