LEONI Code of Conduct

The road to integrity

Integrity is not given in a company - it must be developed and exemplified.

The LEONI Code of Conduct describes what responsible and lawful conduct is. It comprises the external legal demands as well as those specific to the market and customers placed on the company for proper conduct. At the same time, it serves as an internal code of values and guide for all employees across all departments, and covers areas where there are no specific guidelines and instructions. The LEONI Code of Conduct is therefore the "constitution of the company".

LEONI has defined the value of integrity as an anchor point and basis for the LEONI Code of Conduct. Integrity forms the foundation of value-based corporate governance and serves as a signpost, rule of behaviour and decision-making aid.

The corporate value of integrity impacts all four pillars in which the LEONI Code of Conduct is organised:

LEONI Code of Conduct

LEONI Code of Conduct

The road to integrity


LEONI takes responsibility

… for its employees, the quality of its products and its influence on the social and ecological environment.

Fair market behaviour

… is an important aspect for ensuring LEONI's competitiveness.

Protecting company interests

We support, promote and protect the interests of LEONI.

Embrace integrity

We are committed to implementing and embracing this LEONI Code of Conduct and the values it promotes at all levels of the company.


For questions and concerns, please contact LEONI AG, Corporate Compliance, Marienstraße 7, 90402 Nürnberg, Germany, or the Corporate Compliance help desk: 

Phone: +49 911 2023-184
E-mail: compliance@leoni.com