Strategy of the LEONI-Group

Passion for intelligent energy and data solutions

The LEONI Group strategy focuses on the optimum exploitation of opportunities from our dynamic economical and technological environment, as well as the global megatrends. Group strategy comprises the vision, mission statements, strategic constraints, as well as market and product strategies for both divisions of the company. The basis is supplied by an effective, advanced organisation, as well as LEONI-specific values that have been newly defined.

Vision, mission statements and strategic constraints

Our vision "Passion for intelligent energy and data solutions" formulates the objective of developing into the leading provider of intelligent energy and data management solutions. Here, 'passion' reflects our commitment and dedication in terms of upcoming challenges. The fact that products from LEONI offer our customers value by their additional, smart properties is reflected by 'intelligent'. 'Energy and data' are the two fields in which LEONI deploys its greatest expertise, namely the transmission of energy and data. Lastly, 'solutions' emphasises our transformation into a solutions provider for our customer.

Both divisions and the Group functions have formulated their brief to achieve this vision in mission statements, which are now used to define their new self-image.

The framework for our strategy is established by various financial and non-financial constraints. Key non-financial constraints include customer satisfaction, employee engagement, the diversity of our workforce and the progress made in our transformation into a leading provider of intelligent energy and data management solutions. In the future, these factors will be measured as a Group-wide KPI and subject to continuous improvement.

Market and product strategy

In Automotive, which is our most important market segment, we will position ourselves even more strongly as a solutions provider with comprehensive expertise in the overall vehicle system. Due to growing requirements in terms of energy efficiency, data communications and security in the vehicle, we are also systematically expanding our expertise in these fields of technology. In terms of wiring for electromobility, we are striving to achieve dominance here by supplying cable harnesses for all voltage levels, intelligent distribution systems and charging cables.

With its tailor-made wiring systems and cable harnesses, our Wiring Systems Division is active primarily in the Automotive segment and responsible for the lion's share of revenue in this segment. WSD strategy focuses on growing faster than the market within the bounds of a business model based on long-term profitability.

The aim of the Wire & Cable Solutions Division in the Automotive segment is to consolidate its leading position in standard and specialised vehicle cabling as well as charging cables for electric vehicles, while decisively adding value with new digitalization and solution services. In the Industry market segment, the Wire & Cable Solutions Division is pursuing the strategy of using digital functional simulation, system integration and the creation of learning systems to transform itself into the leading solutions provider for the megatrends of energy and data.

Effective organisation and targets

The strategic reorientation of the LEONI Group is being supported by our oneLEONI program. This strategic approach stands for the transformation of our member companies into a stronger, more integrated Group – with the medium-term goal of improving competitiveness and our economic potential. The program targets improved collaboration within the company, a higher standard of quality for service, the safeguarding of compliance and improvements to efficiency.

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