A digital ecosystem for intelligent energy and data solutions

Working with customers and partners to implement the value of digital technologies

In a unique, digital ecosystem, LEONI is combining new technologies with 100 years of expertise in cable and wiring system solutions. Together with our customers and partners, we are developing a digital platform for intelligent products, future-proof solutions and smart services – always related to energy and data transmission. Access to real usage data from cable systems combined with the analysis and interpretation of this data facilitates new value propositions and business models, including pay-per-use and predictive maintenance, as well as total system monitoring and control.

LEONI offers a digital technology platform that can respond individually to a wide variety of industries, applications, machinery – and of course customer requirements. The integration of digital intelligence opens up a range of fascinating opportunities that we as a technology partner are developing in collaboration with our customers and partners across all industries – to make tomorrow’s interconnected world more intelligent. We call this Connected Intelligence.

Customers‘ applications

Energy & data transmission enhanced by sensors and data analytics capabilities
New value propositions

LEONI domain expertise

in electrical engineering & design ⇒ basis for unique library of digital twins in electrical interconnect solutions

IoT & Edge Capabilities

for integration of digital interconnect solutions into a larger system network / application layers

Network partners

that enable integration into a digital ecosystem ⇒ collaborative cloud-integration

Technology partners

for collabroative design-work on tomorrow‘s IoT-devices ⇒ hardware, sensor, electronics, software

Intelligent analytics

as basis for learning systems ⇒  transition to a digital PDCA-cycle approach

The new product and service portfolio and the customer benefits of our ecosystem

With Connected Intelligence, LEONI offers its customers a new portfolio of digital solutions and services:

  • Integrated intelligence for cables, cable systems and connected components offers the following advantage:
    • Performance monitoring for the entire system in real time
    • Prediction of remaining lifetime based on data analytics
    • Early warnings of system outages
    • Predictive system maintenance and services
  • Optimized energy efficiency thanks to specific analysis of reference data during usage
  • Scalable data transmission with active connectivity to cable systems (built-in bandwidth)
  • Error localisation plus automated documentation and service calls
  • Functional system simulation and digital twins at the early development stage
  • Cost savings due to minimisation of failure rates and downtime
  • Efficiency optimization based on performance monitoring and failure prediction
  • Acceleration of hard- and software development cycles for any electrical systems or connection solutions as well as for adjacent components in the digital ecosystem
  • Reliable intelligent applications for data transmission
  • Data recording and analysis for individually customized smart services
  • Reliable product ID