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The digital transformation has begun

The transformation of data into knowledge

Digitalization – a word that expresses the most momentous change of our times. Our lives are becoming faster, more interconnected, more digital – in every way. New technologies, products and services are revolutionising society at an unprecedented speed. The digital revolution is affecting us all.

The networking of humans, machines and data is driving rapid development in all industries and business segments, opening up a wide range of opportunities and challenges.

With innovative algorithms and data analytics, data is being turned into a new resource. We use this to derive new value propositions that will have an end-to-end impact on a company’s value chain. This is also creating opportunities for new products, solutions and business models that we will be developing in collaboration with our customers.

The process has already started

The digital transformation is well underway and it is now really starting to pick up speed – and LEONI is right in its centre. Energy and data are changing our world. Picking up on these megatrends, LEONI is moving from being an experienced cable producer to become a technology partner offering customers forward-looking energy and data solutions.
The goal: intelligent, individualised and sustainable solutions plus innovative value propositions for our customers and the world tomorrow.

LEONI is rising to meet the challenges of the digital era

Accordingly, our new LEONI vision is  "Passion for intelligent energy and data solutions".

In the future, we will be taking existing technical product solutions and the knowledge on which these have been based over the last 100 years and combining these with new insights. These include integrated sensor technology, active electronics, embedded software, and the digital functional simulation for a wide range of customer requirements and markets.

This will make LEONI an even more attractive partner for strategic cooperations, digital ecosystems and international development networks.

The creation of new, intelligent products, innovative system solutions and cloud-based services is giving rise to innovative, data-based business models. One example of this is the integration of a digital twin of energy and data distribution systems into a continuous improvement process.

Enriched with technological intelligence, this new range of products and services is the basis of our reorientation and the foundation for entirely new value propositions for our customers, both now and in the future – always building on our current core expertise.

We call this Connected Intelligence!