More intelligence in power grid monitoring - thanks to LEONiQ

Adaptricity.Plan: the new electrical grid planning tool

During IFA Berlin, LEONI and partner Microsoft once again presented a new element in LEONI’s digital ecosystem. In a world premiere exhibit demonstrating ‘Power Grid Monitoring with LEONiQ and MS Azure IoT’, LEONI and strategic partner Microsoft showcased new technologies and innovative solution models.

This is how LEONiQ works together with cloud services as a key enabler for ensuring that electricity grids can be continuously and safely operated at their maximum capacity. After all: production and demand have to be balanced at all times. Even small variations can change the frequency and voltage in the power grid. So the distribution network must transform itself from a passive consumer of electrical energy into an active, controllable and intelligent grid control element – right up to the millions of electricity meters in households and offices, which then become ‘smart grids’. In the future, LEONI will be offering various solutions in end-to-end demand-side management for controlling energy consumers and their infrastructure. These will include the monitoring of intelligent nodes in a power network. LEONI is gradually expanding its competencies to keep pace with the megatrends of smart energy, e-mobility and the smart grid.

The solution showcased at the fair offers vastly improved monitoring for the distribution network – all the way from the substation to the service connection. This generates a high level of network transparency and, in turn, more consistent capacity utilization. Everyone benefits from the optimal use of the existing network infrastructure. Operators can optimize grid operation and integrate solar power systems, energy storage devices and electric vehicles. This reduces electricity losses in the short term and grid investment in the medium term. End customers can transition faster to prosumers and benefit from the control options offered. Thanks to the combination of LEONiQ and cloud services, peak loads can be avoided by direct measurement in the cable system. As a result, the distribution network and its associated dispatching becomes safer, faster and more efficient – especially in terms of active monitoring of the ‘last mile’. A benefit for homeowners – and a huge advantage for distribution network operators. A dashboard offers prosumers the ability to intelligently manage consumption and feed-in – depending on the charge level of the household battery, the state of the distribution network itself and, last but not least, the current electricity price.

In implementing this smart grid model, LEONI is primarily using two components: its key technology LEONiQ and its network analysis software from its subsidiary Adaptricity.

This software solution was released on 20 August and extends LEONI’s existing portfolio to include an easy-to-use tool for setting up the basics of grid planning. The new tool from Adaptricity offers everything that network planners need in their day-to-day work: it handles the creation of network models and rates connection requests according to regulations such as DACHCZ or VDE AR-N 4100. Load flow simulation quickly provides a useful overview of the current network status. Simple, easy to use and efficient: that’s the motto for Adaptricity.Plan. Ultimately, every network calculation has to be based squarely on the network model, which can be created by or imported into the software with very little effort. Adaptricity.Plan offers a future-proof path for planners. The browser-based solution enables CPU-intensive computations to be performed in the blink of eye in the cloud. The static calculations available have been developed with the focus on ease of use and simplicity, and take full advantage of the benefits of web development.

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