discover LEONI‘s new intelligent key technology

LEONiQ - intelligent solutions for the digital world

The key technology LEONiQ and its basic components

With LEONiQ, we have developed an intelligent cable technology that is capable of recording and analysing a wide range of parameters throughout any kind of cable system. LEONiQ provides feedback on the state of the entire system and its controls, and offers recommendations for future development cycles.

This new key technology will make energy and data streams more efficient, more secure and more available. For the first time, not only the networked devices become intelligent but the network itself. In this way, LEONiQ creates wide-ranging opportunities to generate value for customers.

Examples include:

  • Improved plant availability
  • More precise recommendations for predictive maintenance intervals
  • Targeted fault identification
  • Shutdown of critical systems
  • Load cycle optimisation and monitoring in electromobility

Even at an early stage in development, we use digital functional simulation to achieve a cable solution design that best matches the respective use case. If potential problems are identified during the development stage, integration of sensor systems and electronics along the cable can provide built-in monitoring functionality. Various parameters, including temperature, density, mechanical stress and GPS location, are recorded on a continuous basis, analysed in the cloud using algorithms we have developed in-house, and then made available to customers in the form of a dashboard.

This offers a series of smart services including early warning systems, active system control and precisely targeted recommendations for action – effectively offering 100% transparency across all installed cable systems, anywhere in the world and for any application.

Everything that used to be a black box is now clearly visible in a customer application. In addition, recorded data is fed back into the digital functional simulation models. With LEONiQ, this enables the intelligent cable solutions to constantly enhance and optimise themselves as part of a learning system.

We are connecting the product we have been synonymous with for over 100 years to digital intelligence. The first networking with an IQ comes from LEONI: LEONiQ.

LEONiQ does much more than just transmit – it is offering new benefits for systems and users. In real time!


The LEONI key technology and its three main elements

Sensor-integrated, intelligent interconnect solutions

Digital functional system simulation for energy and data transmission

Data analytics and data-driven smart services with real added value

Customer benefits with smart services

  • Shorter product development cycles: fewer prototypes and redesigns

  • Learning systems: designed for future data scalability

  • Greater availability: active system monitoring for more precise predictive maintenance and minimisation of unplanned outages

  • Lower overall cost per system and lower maintenance costs

  • Better energy efficiency with active energy management

  • 100% transparency: data-driven insights into the installed system and its performance

  • Global traceability thanks to digital product identification

  • Usage-driven warranty cycles

  • … and much more

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