Global trends

Global trends will have a major influence on people’s lives worldwide. They are set to play a dominant role and represent the basis for LEONI’s future activities. Global trends provide the inspiration for us to develop products and innovations, which we deploy among our customers in the interest of technological development.


Supplying the diverse demand for sustainable products

Mobility plays an outstanding role for LEONI among the global trends of the future. We are committed to providing our customers with answers to the mobility challenges of tomorrow’s world. You will be sure to find the cabling solution you need with us, regardless of whether you deal with individual or mass transport. If you need the best connections for cars, trains and commercial vehicles, or are looking to meet the requirements of the supplier industry or those in the field of wiring systems components, LEONI can help you to move forward. We also offer solutions in the field of electromobility.

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LEONI is rising to meet the challenges of the digital era

The digital transformation is well underway and it is now really starting to pick up speed – and LEONI is right in its centre. Energy and data are changing our world. Picking up on these megatrends, LEONI is moving from being an experienced cable producer to become a technology partner offering customers forward-looking energy and data solutions.
The goal: intelligent, individualised and sustainable solutions plus innovative value propositions for our customers and the world tomorrow.

Accordingly, our new LEONI vision is  "Passion for intelligent energy and data solutions"!

In the future, we will be taking past technical product solutions and the knowledge on which these have been based over the last 100 years and combining these with new insights. These include integrated sensor technology, active electronics, embedded software, and the digital functional simulation for a wide range of customer requirements and markets.

Our solutions:

LEONiQ – discover LEONI‘s new intelligent key technology

Global Trend Industry & Automation

Industrialisation & automation

Intelligent network in manufacturing

As the demand on flexibility and customisation increase within industry, the complexity of production steadily rises. Therefore, intelligent interaction of systems with the latest communications technology represents one of the greatest challenges and opportunities and is known by the catch phrase 'Industry 4.0'. LEONI offers innovative products and services in this field. Our portfolio extends from the cable to intelligent cable systems and smart services that provide our customers with the best possible support in their business.

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Progress through innovative concepts

All around the world, more people and goods are being transported further and in less time than ever before. The trend towards globalisation entails challenges for mobility, as well as health and energy. Our cables and systems in the automobile, communication & infrastructure areas and our wires and strands help our customers to meet the increasing demands of mobility whilst simultaneously reducing energy costs and increasing productivity.

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Environmental awareness & the shortage of resources

Green technologies on the rise

In the area of mobility and environmental protection, LEONI serves the entire value chain from wire and cables for solar energy, as well as charging cables for electric vehicles to high-voltage wires for cars using environmentally friendly drive technology. Using intelligent and innovative products and solutions, we help protect the environment while at the same time ensuring that people remain mobile. Our technological contribution can reduce the enormous stresses placed on our environment by climate change, greenhouse gases and global warming.

Our solutions:

Increasing populations & demographic change

Health and quality of living in the spotlight

The global increase in population and the changing age structures of our society are challenges that will also place new demands on medical technology and the entire health system. LEONI offers products and solutions that address the demands of strong population development, longer life expectancy and higher quality of living.

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Energy- and resource-efficient infrastructure

For the first time in the world’s history, more people are living in cities than in rural areas. This fact calls for cable solutions for infrastructural applications and the logistical challenges of road and rail travel, local traffic, as well as data communications and glass fiber connections that reach right into our own homes.

Our solutions: