LEONI Wiring Systems (Changchun) Co. Ltd., Changchun

Main products

  • Production of wiring systems for Audi C6 engine
  • Foaming of wiring systems


Management Board

Dieter Rahnefeld (Managing Director)

Plant presentation

LEONI Wiring Systems (Changchun) Co. Ltd. was build on 2004 and located on No.10110, East Huan Road, Changchun city, Jilin Province, P.R.China. It is a wholly foreign-owned enterprise of the LEONI group for the automotive industry to produce Audi C6 engine harness, plant area is 2788 m2, with around 200 employees, the plant has established and applies a quality management system of ISO/TS 16949, has already acquired ISO/TS certification on Y2005, as well as passed re-audit on Y2006 by excellent performance, plant project objectives are achieved through stringent project management and interdisciplinary teamwork and has excellent customer satisfaction. We value open communication with the company and in relationship with external or internal business partners to achieve our goals.

LEONI Wiring Systems (Changchun) Co. Ltd.

No.10110 DONGHUAN road Changchun City Jilin Province P.R. China 130036 China

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