j-fiber GmbH, Jena

Product range

Our Telecom Optical Fiber product portfolio

  • Multimode fiber (WideGrade 50/125; OptiGrade 50/125; GigaGrade 50/125; GigaGrade 62.5/125; Multimode fiber 100/140; 500 µm coated fiber)
  • Singlemode fiber (SMF+ LWP; standard SMF; 500 µm coated fiber)

Our specialty optical fiber product portfolio

  • Select cut-off singlemode
  • Plastic clad fiber (PCS)
  • Extended operating temperature range
  • Radiation hard fiber (500 µm coated fiber)
  • Step index multimode fiber
  • Rare earth doped fiber

Our customised product portfolio

  • Custom multimode fiber
  • Custom singlemode fiber

Our preforms product portfolio

  • Step index preforms (FSI – fluorine doped step index preforms; germanium doped step index performs)
  • Photosensitive preforms

j-fiber GmbH

Im Semmicht 1 07751 Jena Germany

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Phone +49 3641 352-100
Fax +49 3641 352-101
E-mail info@j-fiber.com



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