LEONI HighTemp Solutions GmbH, Halver

Main products

Research and development, production and selling of high temperature cables

We supply the following industries:

Automotive industry

Our cars are becoming ever more safe, comfortable and economical. New systems are continually being conceived that assist the driver and ease his or her “workload”. The consequence is that more and more components have to be accommodated in limited space and sensibly linked as well as wired. This accumulation frequently has undesired effects especially in the engine compartment and around the exhaust system: it gets decidedly hot. So hot that conventional cables are no longer up to the task. This is when special cables that can withstand temperatures of sometimes more than 150 °C also over protracted periods are needed.

LEONI always has the right solution at the ready for such difficult and safety-relevant instances.

  • lighting equipment
  • brake systems
  • power supply
  • petrol and diesel engines
  • hybrid power
  • transmission control systems
  • exhaust systems
  • heating and air conditioning systems
  • sensors/transducers
  • driving and passenger safety
  • multimedia/communication

Power engineering

The trend towards increasingly decentralised electricity generation due particularly to renewable energy sources means that the demand for this kind of plant is also rising. LEONI has geared up for this trend and meanwhile supplies numerous customers in the power engineering sector with high temperature resistant cables for a very wide range of different applications.

Our customers are based above all in the following segments:

  • solar energy technology
  • nuclear power
  • hydropower
  • wind power
  • block heating stations
  • gas
  • geothermal energy
  • biomass energy 

Laboratory equipment

High and low temperatures frequently play a part in laboratory testing. This imposes special demands on the cables in laboratory equipment as well as the related sensors and measuring devices in terms of temperature resistance and mobility. 

Our customers in this area are based in the following segments 

  • chemistry
  • physics
  • medicine
  • pharmaceuticals
  • foodstuffs
  • biochemistry

Food equipment

This hygiene-sensitive area in particular frequently works with very high or low temperatures – to cook or freeze foods, kill germs and prevent fungal decay or to preserve prepared foods and to store them. Here too there are numerous applications for high temperature resistant cables. 

We supply customers above all in the following segments

  • oven equipment
  • refrigerated warehouse equipment
  • bottling and packaging equipment
  • meat processing equipment

Lighting equipment and building services

Just as in cars, the safety requirements in building services engineering are rising inexorably.  High temperature resistant cables that must guarantee error-free operation even in the case of fire are frequently required in certain equipment and plant as well as at exposed locations in buildings.

We develop and make high temperature resistant cables especially for

  • lamps
  • heating and air conditioning systems
  • lifts and escalators
  • solar installations
  • leakage monitoring systems
  • fire alarm systems
  • communication equipment
  • building safety
  • building management 


Cables in aircraft, rockets, space stations and satellites are exposed to particularly high thermal load. Temperatures range from the very coldest to extreme heat. For special applications in this area we have conductor and insulation materials that cover a range from –190 °C to +1,250 °C. 

Our customers are based mostly in the following segments

  • Passenger & Cargo
  • Military
  • Airport (lighting/tower/control circuitry)

As is the case with many of our products, most of our high temperature resistant cables are very much custom-made and are something about which you should certainly speak with our product specialists.

Machinery/plant engineering

Probably nowhere else are there such varied applications for high temperature resistant cables as in machinery and plant engineering. They are used to drive, switch, monitor, measure, regulate and control – often under the toughest operating conditions. Tight spaces, high levels of mechanical strain and frequently simultaneous exposure to chemicals as well as both high and low temperatures impose the highest demands on the cable designers and their products. LEONI has made a good name for itself particularly in this extensive area.

Our customers are based mostly in the following segments:

Machinery / plant engineering

  • construction
  • coating / surface finishing
  • chemicals
  • printing
  • industrial laundry
  • sewage treatment plant
  • kneading, agitating and blending machinery
  • plastics processing
  • food production
  • metalworking
  • paper production and processing
  • pharmaceuticals
  • steel production
  • environment / waste disposal
  • packaging
  • car washes

Process technology

  • production process monitoring/control
  • warehousing & logistics
  • quality control 

Medical equipment

High temperatures frequently occur inside and near medical equipment, which also requires “high flexibility” and “sterilisability”; factors that present cable manufacturers with a major challenge. LEONI, being one of world’s largest and most successful manufacturers of cables and cable systems for medical equipment, always has the right solution at the ready for its customers.

We develop and make high temperature resistant cables especially for the following areas

  • surgery
  • diagnostics
  • therapy
  • dialysis
  • hygiene / sterilisation
  • laboratory  

Rolling stock; ship/marine engineering

Trains and railways are – just like cars – becoming increasingly safe and comfortable. There is a steady rise in the number of passengers and volume of goods transported by rail. Shipbuilding is plotting a very similar trend. As is always the case where large numbers of people are to be transported, safety standards are set especially high. This also applies to the wiring. The demand for temperature resistant cables like the ones LEONI develops and produces is growing.

Our cables are used primarily in the following areas

  • drives
  • engines
  • power supply
  • safety
  • climate control
  • communication
  • passenger information
  • switch cabinets
  • sensors
  • brake systems
  • wiring systems
  • measurement/control equipment

In addition, our cables are found in offshore oil and gas production plant (drilling and production platforms). 

We are a member of kunststoffland NRW e.V.