LEONI Kerpen GmbH, Stolberg

As a highly competent developer and manufacturer of cables and cabling systems we supply highly sophisticated solutions for information technology in international markets. LAN office, LAN industry, LAN home, city networks and access are starting to merge – with ethernet and internet protocol (IP) as a common feature. The result is a change in the paradigms of communication. In this new technical environment LEONI Kerpen GmbH offers sustainable solutions for passive IT products, both in copper and fiber technology:

With our MegaLine® copper-based data cable we supply high-performance cabling solutions for office projects.

For the purpose of broadband data transmission and longer transmission distances in a LAN or city network environment our GigaLine® optical fiber cables with enhanced Gigabit Ethernet quality are first choice.

For industrial applications and international plant construction projects LEONI Kerpen GmbH offers – in particular with its ICON product range – high-performance cables for measurement and control technology. We design and manufacture these products according to the customer’s individual needs in order to make sure that they accomplish the specific national, international and plant- or company-specific norms.

The development and production of special compounds for the cabling, synthetic-processing and automotive industry round off our broad product range.

LEONI Kerpen GmbH is a member of Europacable and signatory of the Europacable Industry Charter. The Charter expresses our commitment to shared principles and objectives of ethical, sustainable and high-quality cable development and manufacturing. To know more please visit www.europacable.eu.