LEONI Wire & Cable Solutions Japan K.K. – Nagoya

Sales and engineering offices in West and East Japan

LEONI Wire & Cable Solutions Japan K.K. is the Japanese sales and engineering office of Germany’s cable manufacturer LEONI AG. The name LEONI stands for first-class competence in cable products. In order to be closer to customers, we operate two offices in Japan.

Our headquarter and warehouse is located in Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture. Our east Japan sales office of LEONI Wire & Cable Solutions Japan K.K. is located in Shin Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture.

We are a project oriented company and provide a wide range of special cables for the automotive, industrial, railway, healthcare, communication & infrastructure and other markets. Our products cover standard and special copper cables, data and Ethernet cables, fiber optical cables and optical switches, hybrid cables, robotic dress packs and calibration and positioning systems.

Our objective is to be a reliable partner who provides quality products to our customers. We proactively support OEM, wiring harness and system suppliers at a global and local level, throughout the whole development process. Everything we do is focused on understanding our customers’ requirements and delivering a tailored solution that precisely meets their needs.

Product range

Energy & Infrastructure

BETAflam® clean cables for clean energy

LEONI photovoltaic cables & systems

Machinery und Sensors

Semiconductor Industry

Flat cables and ribbon cables


Managing directors

Christian Weidinger

Jerry Cummins

Sales contact East Japan

LEONI Wire & Cable Solutions Japan K.K. East Japan sales office Daiichi Takeo Bldg 505-3, Shin Yokohama 2-2-3, Kanagawa 222-0033 Japan Plan travel

Phone +81 45-548-8067
Fax +81 45 620-6040
E-mail info.japan@leoni.com

For automotive:

Phone +81 45 548-8067
E-mail Info.japan@leoni.com

For fiber optics, preforms and optical switches:

Phone +81 45 548-8067
E-mail Info.japan@leoni.com

For robotics, calibration, railway and other applications:

Phone +81 52 364-9515
E-mail Info.japan@leoni.com

LEONI Wire & Cable Solutions Japan K.K.

Yashirogaoka 2-1118 Meito-ku, Nagoya Aichiken 465-0051 Japan

Plan travel

Phone +81 52 364-9515
Fax +81 52 364-9526
E-mail info.japan@leoni.com