LEONI (SEA) Pte. Ltd., Singapore

LEONI (SEA) Pte Ltd., Singapore established in 1997 is the regional office and logistics center of Germany’s cable manufacturer LEONI AG.

We are a project oriented company and provide a wide range of special cables for the markets marine, process industry, factory automation, railway, airport, infrastructure and solar amongst others.  Our products cover standard and special copper data and Ethernet cables, fiber optical cables and optical switches, hybrid cables, robotic dress packs and calibration and positioning systems.

Our objective is to be a quality and reliable partner to our customers. Our competitive advantage for being known as a cable engineering company which assist customers or engineers in cable design or getting the correct type of cable to suit the different environment. Complete test report class approval certificates and warranty will be provided for the full assurance and commitment to our company.

We are proud to work with our partners in the region to distribute our cables in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Taiwan.

Markets, application fields and products

Sales contact

Max Ong
Phone +65 9111 5111
Mobile +65 8202 0593
E-mail max.ong@leoni.com

Solar, Energy & Infrastructure

Sales contact

Jeffrey Hah
Phone +65 6958-1161
Fax +65 8202-0580
E-mail hianfei.hah@leoni.com

Koh Kiam Hui
Phone +65 6958-1168
Fax +65 9682-6368
E-mail kh.koh@leoni.com

Tea Shi Ming
Phone +65 6958-1160
Fax +6012 530-3728
E-mail sm.tea@leoni.com

LEONI (SEA) Pte. Ltd.

237 Alexandra Road #04-14 The Alexcier Singapore 159929 Singapore

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Phone +65 6958 1150
Fax +65 6863 4955
E-mail sales.lsea@leoni.com