Corporate environmental protection

LEONI is pursuing a clear expansion strategy which fundamentally involves a growing ecological footprint and increasing emissions. At the same time, we take responsibility for the environment and regard its protection as a key corporate objective. The principles of our environmental policy also play a role in how we select our suppliers.

We are also fully aware of our responsibility in relation to long-term global challenges such as climate change and the limited availability of resources. We aim to keep the consumption of natural resources and energy to a minimum, as well as reducing any impact on biodiversity as far as possible. LEONI adopts a preventive approach: waste avoidance has priority over waste separation and disposal, for example.

LEONI's cross-divisional sustainability management works constantly to ensure availability of the full range of data relating to energy consumption and emissions at all sites. The next planned stage is to define Group-wide targets.

Climate protection

LEONI has participated in the Carbon Disclosure Project since 2008. Implemented on behalf of institutional investors, this initiative surveys the biggest, market-listed companies in the German-speaking world in terms of such factors as CO2 emissions and collects data regarding their carbon footprint.

We use the findings generated by this initiative to improve our own emission levels on an ongoing basis. As one of the key sustainability indicators, CO2 emissions is one of the factors we constant monitor.

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