Decent work

Social sustainability means good working and living conditions as well as upholding internationally recognised human rights. It is especially important for our labour-intensive business that this is ensured for our employees and across our entire supply chain.

At LEONI we strive, with our commitment to people and communities in the countries where we produce, to motivate staff with efficient business processes and to raise their quality of life through social benefits.

Key sustainability issues:
Human rights and working conditions
Occupational safety and health

Overarching goal:
Positioning as an attractive employer and supporting local communities in the vicinity of our production facilities


Our contribution to sustainable development




Ensuring healthy lives and promoting well-being for everyone at all ages



Achieving gender equality and empowering all women and girls



Promoting sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment as well as decent work for all


Unsere Ziele

Proportion of woman leadership positions by 2040


Proportion of non-German citizens in management positions by 2030


Global accident rate - accidents at work per 100 employees by 2023


Acting respectfully, fairly and openly

The right to an attractive place of work is guaranteed for all LEONI employees through the corporate values and group-wide rules for example such as the LEONI Code of Conduct and thus forms an integral part of our corporate culture. LEONI focuses particularly on employee satisfaction, qualifications and social projects in the communities of its staff. They apply in addition to minimum standards such as a ban on discrimination of any kind, the freedom of association, the right to collective bargaining and the fulfilment of the statutory minimum requirements for remuneration, occupational safety, occupational health as well as working hours and holidays in the countries in question. At LEONI, around 101,000 employees the world over contribute to the mobility of the future every single day. The creation of good working conditions for our employees is one of the main pillars of our success. For this reason, we are continuously working to remain attractive and future-oriented as an employer, and we take responsibility for our staff, taking their living conditions into account.




Living up to and enhancing diversity

Diversity enriches our corporate culture. We appreciate every person, regardless of gender, age, cultural background, sexual orientation, ethnic backgrounds and mindset. We regard our heterogeneous teams to be the key to being able to successfully master the tasks and challenges of our working world, which are becoming ever more complex. It is therefore also an important task to make our senior management more diverse. Our focus is furthermore on promoting women and their appropriate participation as well as on greater internationalisation and improving the skills and training of our employees.


Safe working

The health of our employees is a precious asset. Their safety at our workplaces is a major precondition for reasonable working conditions. Our goal is to have all our production facilities certified to the ISO 45001 or comparable standards to keep the risk of injury also to semi-skilled employees as low as possible. It is a matter of avoiding accidents at work particularly in manual manufacturing.


As a business operating globally, LEONI has made it its mission to ensure observance of human rights, environmental protection and recognised labour standards at all LEONI facilities worldwide. Particularly important in this respect are the stipulations of the LEONI Code of Conduct and the LEONI Social Charter, which are applicable Group-wide. In our divisions, we have furthermore set up environmental protection and occupational safety management systems that are geared to the ISO 14001 (environmental protection) as well as ISO 45001 (occupational health and safety) standards.




Promoting employees

We endeavour to offer every employee a motivating, supportive and constructive work environment. We are convinced that prospects stem only from a place where individual responsibility, creativity and know-how meet. To facilitate this in the best possible way, we have set ourselves the goal of offering each employee at least two advanced training schemes per year and thereby to further develop systematic progression.


Globally active part of the company

We are engaged in social and health-promoting projects. In some cases, such health protection measures as pandemic control and vaccination campaigns follow a corporate plan. On the other hand, our sites are engaged individually in local social projects.


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