• Sustainability at LEONI

    for economic, social and
    ecological responsibility



As a company that operates on a global scale, we strive to harmonise economic success with our entrepreneurial responsibility for sustainable development in relation to people, society and the environment (Corporate Social Responsibility).

We are committed to providing ongoing support for measures that strengthen equality of opportunity, enable adaptation to demographic change and the protection of minorities. We regard the valid national standards on human rights and other statutory provisions as being minimum requirements. In the area of anti-corruption, compliance management also monitors adherence to legal requirements and internal regulations.

With sites in more than 30 countries worldwide, we identified the issue of intercultural diversity early on as being a strategic success factor in terms of LEONI's future viability. Our wide-ranging experience shows that heterogeneous teams are better able to perform complex tasks. At all sites we guarantee an open-minded corporate culture based on integration and mutual respect. We aim to be an attractive employer to our staff and provide our customers and suppliers with stimuli for positive social change.

Our social commitment is reflected in our donations and sponsorship of social projects. Here we attach importance to sustainability and a regional focus. Numerous social projects have been funded, as well as a number of cultural projects.


LEONI has always been guided by the values and demands of integrity and responsible behaviour. The guidelines on mutual respect, fairness and openness in our dealings with each other are clearly set out in our Code of Conduct and form a key element of LEONI corporate policy.

We also guarantee adherence to the respective national labour standards and undertake appropriate measures to ensure health and safety at the workplace.

LEONI endeavours to provide all its employees with an interesting, supportive and constructive working environment – after all, committed employees are the decisive factor in terms of the company's success. We offer a well-rounded overall package of motivating working conditions, attractive social benefits and an appropriate remuneration – for the good of our staff and in the interests of both individual and joint success.

We strongly believe that future perspectives can only develop where creativity and expertise come together. In order to promote both of these we have developed differentiated skills programmes that benefit all employees. For details of our training/professional development and coaching programmes, see the section LEONI as an Employer.