Sustainability strategy

Sustainable value creation is a cornerstone of LEONI's business operations. Our sustainability strategy is based on three pillars:

Sustainable corporate growth

Social responsibility

Ecological responsibility

By striking a balance between the growth of our company on the one hand and both social and ecological factors on the other in the course of our decision-making processes, we are able to secure the future of our company while at the same time contributing to sustainable development.

LEONI sustainability management is founded on our voluntary commitments as well as internationally valid guidelines. As a global company, LEONI has made it its mission to ensure observance of human rights and recognises labour standards at facilities in more than 30 countries. The company originally took on this responsibility in 2003 when the LEONI Social Charter was published, continuing in 2007 with the LEONI Code of Ethics and then taking a step further in 2011 when the company joined the UN Global Compact. In 2017 we also published our newly revised Code of Conduct.

Key sustainability factors

As part of last year’s materiality analysis, indicators were defined for the new sustainability report which enable the development of sustainability at LEONI to be assessed. The criteria for this were defined based on legal requirements and also in dialogue with internal and external stakeholders, taking into account the ten principles of the UN Global Compact

For our next sustainability report we are working on a more comprehensive approach that incorporates other economic factors, as well as LEONI sustainability management criteria relating to products, the environment and social affairs.


LEONI joined the UN Global Compact initiative in 2011. The UN Global Compact is based on principles that pursue the vision of an inclusive, sustainable and resource-saving global economy that benefits all people and markets.

We base our UN Global Compact reporting on the United Nation Sustainable Development Goals. The 17 Sustainable Development Goals strive to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for all.

LEONI works actively towards achieving those SDGs that impact directly on our company and where we are able to generate the greatest added value. By recognising the SDGs, we guarantee transparency, comparability and traceability in the implementation of our operative and strategic sustainability management.

The diagram below provides an overview which areas LEONI is particularly engaged in.

LEONI AG supports the Sustainable Development Goals

No poverty

As a company operating on a global scale, LEONI is also domiciled in a number of developing and emerging economies. The company‘s presence here constitutes a key investment in the economy of these countries, and helps to combat poverty and contribute towards sustainable development in these nations.

Good health and well-being

LEONI offers a growing portfolio in the field of healthcare with individualised service provision. We also make every effort to ensure the health and safety of everyone who works for or with LEONI. Compliance with all legal obligations on safety at work and other requirements is the basis for our activities and the applicable national standards are minimum requirements in this respect.

Quality education

LEONI actively pursues the goal of offering all of its employees an interesting, supportive and constructive working environment. A diverse programme of vocational and further training offers everyone the chance to develop both specialist and interdisciplinary skills. LEONI also maintains numerous partnerships with higher education and research institutions, while also actively engaging in community projects at many of its locations worldwide – such as the construction of kindergartens or making improvements in the local educational infrastructure.

Gender equality

LEONI actively pursues gender equality throughout the company and at all levels. As well as support activities for women, we are also striving to achieve appropriate representation of women in management positions.

Affordable and clean energy

LEONI’s ‘green technology’ is its response to the growing worldwide market for environmental technologies. We are continuously expanding our share of ‘green’ products and solutions that are energy-saving and environmentally friendly. In this way, we are doing our part to reduce the huge stresses placed on our environment by climate change and CO2 emissions, for example.

Decent work and economic growth

LEONI believes that the goals of economic and technological competitiveness can be pursued while ensuring cooperative conflict management and discharging its social duties. As a basic rule, LEONI creates a working environment free of prejudice in which no-one suffers discrimination. Corresponding instructions are set out in company-internal policies and external codes of conduct to which LEONI is a signatory party.

Reduced inequalities

At all of its locations around the world, LEONI guarantees a friendly company culture based on integration and mutual respect. Here, we are also especially keen to ensure the right of our employees to equal opportunities and equal treatment. LEONI has a zero-tolerance policy to any kind of discrimination, harassment, bullying or intimidation.

Sustainable cities and communities

With our ‘Green Technology’ programme, we are now increasingly offer products and solutions that can be directly used in precisely defined markets and applications or serve as preliminary products or components for green applications – such as in the solar or rail technology industries. Individual energy efficiency products are also being implemented at some of our locations – with one example being the installation of innovative solar panels.

Responsible consumption and production

LEONI considers an instrumental part of our strategy for the sustainable growth of our company to be the responsible handling of energy and natural resources. Corresponding codes of conduct are anchored firmly in our internal company policies. We therefore do our part as a company to minimise the impact on nature, the climate and the environment.

Action on climate change

Environmental protection is one of LEONI’s core goals. We strive to keep the environmental impact of our products and processes as low as possible. We plan to further improve our company’s environmental performance in the future.

Peace, justice and strong institutions

Responsible action within the law is a essential prerequisite for sustainable business development. Our Group-internal Guidelines offer a clear and unambiguous set of anti-corruption measures. LEONI also maintains a responsible approach to the handling of suspected conflict minerals.

Organisation and contact partners

In the past financial year we implemented a Group-wide system of corporate sustainability management aimed at coordinating and intensifying the relevant division activities while at the same time extending sustainability orientation throughout the company as a whole on a step-by-step basis.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us on We would also very much welcome your ideas, comments and suggestions.

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