The LEONI business model

We are aware that the growth of our company depends on the quality and innovation of our products, the orientation of our investors, the satisfaction of our customers and the dedication of all our employees.

In order to continue to grow, we have set ourselves the aim of creating added value for our shareholders by increasing the value of the company. We can achieve this goal by implementing high standards at management level, ensuring top-class quality and service and manufacturing innovative products for use in environment-friendly technologies. 

Our corporate growth is built on standards, guidelines and various legal requirements. LEONI also has its own internal documents such as the LEONI Code of Conduct and the SHE guidelines (safety, health and the environment).

Innovation is a key element of our corporate strategy. For this reason we are working to develop environmentally compatible technologies geared towards solutions for global trends. Some of these trends have an enormous impact on how business is changing in the modern world. The technological trends that are of greatest importance to our company include autonomous driving, digitalisation, energy management and electromobility. It is these trends that provide us with opportunities to grow our business.

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