Compliance at LEONI

Compliance is a significant part of securing the long-term success of the company and protects employees and LEONI from unnecessary risks.

LEONI has therefore established a Group-wide, standardised and effective protection system, the LEONI Compliance Management System (CMS), which aims to achieve consistent compliance with statutory regulations and internal guidelines by all employees.

Compliance at LEONI is controlled Group-wide by the Chief Compliance Officer, VP Corporate Compliance, and in the 28 countries with LEONI sites by Regional Compliance Officers for the regions Americas, Asia, EMEA and D/CH.


For questions and concerns, please contact LEONI AG, Corporate Compliance, Marienstraße 7, 90402 Nürnberg, Germany, or the Corporate Compliance help desk: 

Phone: +49 911 2023-184

The compliance subjects at LEONI

  • Competition law
  • Prevention of corruption
  • Fraud/embezzlement
  • Other economic crimes (particularly betrayal of trade and business secrets, tax fraud, data protection violations)
  • LEONI Code of Conduct

All preventative compliance activities, regular monitoring, the possibility to securely report suspicious cases and the consistent follow-up of potential misconduct contribute to the effectiveness of the Compliance Management System at LEONI.