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    Interim report
    1st–3rd quarter 2017

    Publication on 15 November 2017

Strong ties with the capital market

LEONI consistently follows the “quality principle” which is also firmly anchored in our communication with the capital market. We place emphasis on real-time information and the personal, open dialogue with private and institutional investors and analysts.

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Voting rights announcements

Voting rights announcements pursuant to sec. 21 para. 1 WpHG are to be sent as of now to the following contact:

Birgit Scheuren
Fax +49 911 2023-382
E-mail votingrights@leoni.com

29 Sep 2017 Press release
Leoni officially opens its second plant in Ukraine

Creation of 5,000 jobs planned – Support for Ukrainian economy Read more

28 Sep 2017 Press release Company
“They let me go abroad as an apprentice – that was really cool”

LEONI turning 100: Contemporary witness Alicia Zwick on video about “colleagues”Read more

18 Sep 2017 Press release Products & applications
Leoni makes onboard data network of the service module for the Orion space capsule fit for 10 Gbit/s

Ground harness with SFP+ successfully tested on European Service Module (ESM)Read more

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