Corporate actions

Capital increase 2011

The capital increase decided by LEONI AG’s Management Board with the Supervisory Board’s approval was successfully completed on 1 July 2011. 

LEONI placed 2,969,000 new, registered no-par-value shares for cash from authorised capital at a price of € 38.00 per share. The Company received gross issue proceeds of about € 113 million. The Company's share capital was increased from € 29.7 million to € 32.7 million.

The new shares, which are entitled to dividend from 1 January 2011, were offered to institutional investors by way of accelerated bookbuilding. Shareholders’ right to subscribe to this was excluded. The transaction was accompanied by Deutsche Bank AG as sole bookrunner and HSBC as co-lead manager.

The prospectus-exempt admission of the new shares to the regulated market on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (Prime Standard) as well as the Munich Stock Exchange likewise took place on 1 July 2011. Since 5 July 2011 they have been included in the existing pricing of the Company's shares. 

The capital increase improved LEONI’s financial base considerably from early July 2011.

Share buy-back 2008

LEONI AG provides updates regarding the progress of the buyback on a weekly basis, every Monday, here on this web page.

Shares acquired or to be acquired

Registered shares without par value, WKN 540888, ISIN DE0005408884 

Stock Exchange


WeekNo. of shares acquiredAverage price per share in EuroTotal buyback volume in Euro
13–17 Oct 2008*360,00012.074,344,576.52
20–24 Oct 2008356,00010.773,832,819.42
27–31 Oct 2008452,1809.244,179,891.07
03–07 Nov 2008311,8209.753,039,258.87
10–14 Nov 2008550,0008.534,693,761.41
17–21 Nov 2008369,3877.922,924,941.93
24–28 Nov 2008170,61310.331,762,610.44
01–05 Dec 2008275,00010.292,829,310.18
08–10 Dec 2008125,00011.671,458,428.32

* Start of share buy-back programme 14 Oct, 2008

With the purchase of 10 December 2008 the share buy-back programme was successfully completed. By this, 10 percent of the share capital, equating to a maximum of 2,970,000 of a total of 29,700,000 shares, to be acquired at the most, were bought back at an average price of EUR 9.79 per share.

LEONI approves share buy-back programme

Nuremberg, 14 October 2008 – Leoni AG intends to launch a share buy-back programme. This will involve buying back own shares in the Company of up to 10 percent of share capital, equating to a maximum of 2,970,000 shares. The shares will be bought back particularly for resale to third parties in the context of acquiring businesses, parts of businesses or investing in companies. The buy-back will be carried out via the stock market and will be funded from the Group’s operating cash flow.

By launching the programme the Management Board makes use of the  Annual General Meeting’s authorisation of 15 May 2008 to buy back own shares. It entitles the Company to buy back shares up to 10 % of its share capital until 14 November 2009, either via the stock market or by means of a public offer to all shareholders. The per-share purchase price must not exceed by 10 % or fall more than 50 % short of the average daily trading volume-weighted closing prices of the share on the three trading days in the XETRA trading system of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange preceding the respective purchase.

If the authorisation to buy back own shares was to be replaced at the next Annual General Meeting on 14 May 2009 by fresh authorisation, the share buy-back could be continued on the basis of such new authorisation.

The buy-back will be carried out in appropriate application of Commission Regulation (EC) no. 2273/2003 dated 22 December 2003. The announcements concerning the share buy-back programme will be published on the Company's website as well as in the electronic Bundesanzeiger and in Börsen-Zeitung.