Automate 2022: BizLink Delivers Machine Vision Expertise From OCR to Deep Learning

Manufacturers around the globe have relied on machine vision systems to automate and improve processes for decades.

Today, industries including automotive, aerospace, food and beverage, and consumer packaged goods rely on machine vision more than ever, and as manufacturing processes evolve, so do opportunities to add value using machine vision systems.

Finding an experienced, knowledgeable systems integrator that keeps pace with technology advances in the space will allow these companies to leverage machine vision’s full value. Whether you need something as small or as common as an optical character recognition (OCR) application or something as complex as a deep learning–based seat mold assembly verification, BizLink can meet your needs by offering a full range of machine vision services.

BizLink begins its process with an in-depth analysis and an engineering feasibility study to build a foundation for the machine vision system’s design. Then, using the most appropriate machine vision hardware and software for the application, BizLink designs the system, documents it, and trains operators on its use. The company does not rely on a set of standard products. Instead, BizLink’s team works with several different machine vision vendors to find the best solution.

The BizLink team also provides an in-depth, impartial, and application-specific training manual for every application, which creates a seamless transfer of ownership to the customer. The ultimate goalis to produce a professionally engineered machine vision system that will help improve processes and drive revenue for customers.

Join us in Detroit from June 6 to June 9 at Automate 2022 to learn how our machine vision system design and services team can improve processes and drive revenue for your company. BizLink will be front and center in Booth 3100.