Automate 2022: Maximize Your Robot’s Value With BizLink Robot Dresspacks

Industrial robots help companies of all types make quality, speed, and efficiency improvements to processes in manufacturing and beyond, and their importance continues to grow. In fact, last year robot sales saw their biggest year ever in North America, with 39,708 units sold at a value of $2 billion — a 14% increase over the previous high in 2017.

Robots of all types — from articulated to collaborative — require cables and hoses for data, power, dispensing, and welding, just to name a few examples. Instead of the conventional approach of bundling cables and hoses together on a robot, companies today can use flexible robot dresspacks, which provide all the power, data, water, and air needed to make a robot work. BizLink Robotic Solutions USA recently reached the milestone of 100,000 dresspacks produced, further cementing its status as a leading provider of dresspacks.

The LSH 3 dresspack features a fully external design, with a corrugated tube extending all the way to the exit point, protecting the robot’s power and control systems. The LSH 3 also offers a side-mount bracket, which allows the tube to make the radius to the side mount with all internal components included. Recently, this dresspack underwent a 4 million cycle test without failure for a major automotive customer, showcasing its rugged, reliable design.

Individual needs vary, of course, so BizLink offers several types of dresspacks, including a cantilever solution that can reach up to 360 degrees of rotation with no contact. With this capability, the robot has the maneuverability to clean a nozzle at a distance from production equipment or to pick an item from a conveyor and place it into a container away from the process. For applications that require robot flexibility, cantilever dresspacks from BizLink allow robots to move freely and without articulation limitations.

Overall, BizLink dresspacks can adapt to all robotic applications, including packing, painting, and food and beverage production applications. In addition to dresspacks, BizLink offers complete function packs for robotic applications such as spot welding, inert gas welding, measuring, and handling. Thus the company provides integration-ready robots with dresspacks and functional packages, including components such as weld controllers, dense packs, and electrical junction boxes.

Join us in Detroit, Michigan, from June 6 to June 9 at Automate 2022 to learn how BizLink dresspacks and function packs can help you get the most out of your robots. BizLink will be front and center in Booth 3100.