Automate 2022: Avoid Costly Errors With BizLink’s Robot Tool Calibration System

Advanced automation technologies have evolved in lockstep with manufacturing methods out of necessity.

For example, applications such as robotic welding, riveting, milling/drilling, and sealing require extreme precision. If a robot deviates from its original reference point even slightly, companies may need to do expensive rework or scrap entire parts. 

Some manufacturers use expensive laser trackers or metrology devices to measure a tool’s center point, but BizLink’s advintec TCP system can help measure and create an initial tool center point with extreme accuracy and at much cheaper costs. Consider the consequences in aerospace manufacturing, for instance, where a robot may be tasked with riveting plane panels together. Success is contingent upon the robot drilling in a precise location to a very specific diameter, then inserting and compressing a rivet, whereas a failure to do so could lead to scrapped parts or worse.

The TCP tool calibration system uses a two-channel infrared (880 nm) photoelectric laser sensor pulsed at 2 kHz to calibrate tools and fixtures electronically in up to six dimensions (three axes plus angular rotation around each axis) without touching a robot’s end-of-arm tool. The system compares the robot’s path to its master/reference moves, records the robot’s path, identifies any variations from the original path, and establishes that the robot has shifted whenever a process changes or the robot requires calibration.

Join us in Detroit from June 6 to June 9 at Automate 2022 to learn how BizLink’s advintec TCP tool calibration system can help avoid costly errors in your facility. BizLink will be front and center in Booth 3100.