Liquid-cooled systems for fast charging: Leoni’s Business Unit Charging & Power Solutions focusing on the megatrend of electromobility with its product portfolio

New name for business unit of the Automotive Cable Solutions division: "Electrical Appliance Cables" becomes "Charging & Power Solutions"

Roth – Leoni, a global provider of energy and data management solutions in the automotive sector, announces the realignment of its Business Unit Electrical Appliance Cables: Under the new name of Business Unit Charging & Power Solutions, BU CPS will now be focusing more on cable solutions for electromobility.

For years now, Leoni has – with its BU CPS – been successfully developing and producing charging cables for vehicles with electric drive. The LEONI EcoSense brand family’s product portfolio covers all types of conductive charging of relevance on the market:

  • 1-phase AC charging for domestic outlets
  • 3-phase AC charging for domestic outlets and public charging stations
  • DC charging for fast charging systems

We have approvals for the European, American, Japanese and Chinese markets.

Liquid-cooled fast charging systems (HPC – High Power Charging cables) are the latest addition to our product range. These systems make it possible to regulate the temperature of the charging systems despite high charging currents and to substantially shorten the process of charging the vehicle.

Rapid development work without quality deficits thanks to simulation

Leoni drew on its own simulation and testing department to perform the development work. Even at an early stage of development, the components are laid out virtually and thereupon tested in close collaboration with customers under real conditions. A large number of readings are thereby processed in a central measuring system. The findings flow directly into the product's development and ensure a high-quality, high-performing and above all a safe product.

Expansion of production capacity around the world due to strong demand for charging cables

We make LEONI EcoSense charging cables at our facilities in Germany, Poland, China and Mexico. Given the rapidly growing demand for electromobility-related cables, Leoni has in recent years expanded its production capacity ever more in all regions.  Most recently – in 2022 – the company increased the production space at its facility in Cuauhtémoc, Mexico by more than 40%. This was the second enlargement since 2020. The capital investment of USD 25 million covered machinery for manufacturing in-vehicle power supply cables (Hivocar®) as well as for making charging cables. Over the next five years, LEONI will be investing in more production plant worldwide to be able to cover the high demand from the market.

Michael Walz, Director of Sales & Product Management, said this about the realignment: “Of course we will continue to offer our familiar products for the household appliance, building and lighting industries. Yet the demand for our electric charging solutions is so great that we have redirected the focus of our development work. Along with production capacity, we also put more resources into development and distribution, meaning that we are very well equipped with our international network for the likely further growth.  The new name of ‘Charging & Power Solutions’ now also projects the changes of recent years to the outside.”