Compamed 2017: Leoni to present customised services for medical technology

Focus on rapid prototyping, irradiation sterilisation and solutions for endoscopy

Friesoythe/Georgensgmünd - Leoni, the leading European provider of cables and cable systems to the automotive sector and other industries, will showcase its broad range of products and services for medical technology on Stand J27 in Hall 8b at the Compamed trade fair from 13 to 16 November in Düsseldorf: On the one hand, the Company will illustrate by way of samples the quality of injection-moulded prototypes, which are made using rapid tooling. On the other, visitors will be able to gather information on the sterilisation methods available at Leoni to irradiation crosslink medical products.

At this year’s Compamed trade fair, Leoni will show samples of overmoulded components made based on acrylic resin with the help of 3D-printed mould inserts. The systems supplier uses these methods to support its customers particularly in product development or when testing the suitability for mass production of certain geometries on prototypes. With application-specific designs as well as extremely rapid and cost-effective adaptations, Leoni supports its customers as early as the development phase in the design of medical technology systems and will itself carry out individual life-cycle tests as required. Small-scale, injection-moulded production runs made of PVC are also feasible using this method.

Irradiation services at Leoni

A high degree of sterility goes without saying in healthcare because living micro-organisms in materials or on objects can lead to serious complications.

Sterilisation by means of electron beams is an ISO 11137 standardised process and one proven by 30 years of usage that, in contrast to such other methods as treatment with heat or chemicals (using gas), provides crucial advantages: the use of beta rays (accelerated electrons) involves a cold process, meaning that it is also suitable, for example, for heat-sensitive products – they can then be immediately deployed thereafter, without further tests. Ionising radiation boasts high degrees of radiant energy and penetration (10 MeV), whereby germs or resistant spores are killed. Electron-beam sterilisation is furthermore energy-efficient and does not require any radioactive source. Leoni sterilises medical products, raw materials as well as packaging materials.

Solutions for endoscopy with optimised surfaces

At the Compamed trade fair, Leoni will also show cable systems for endoscopy, which the systems supplier develops, produces and tests to DIN ISO 13485 standards mainly with liquid silicone rubber (LSR) at its facility in Georgensgmünd, southern Germany. The solution made of LSR to be displayed at the fair boasts an optimised surface for improved stick-slip behaviour. It can also be safely disinfected and sterilised thanks to not having any grooves or cavities at the transition joints. To achieve the best design and provide dedicated service, Leoni supports its customers as early as the development phase of their systems in selecting the materials as well as the cable and system structure.

Upon request, these optimised silicone cables can also be made antimicrobial – to achieve this, Leoni uses an acid-based technology that gives the cable a germ-killing effect, which makes it resistant to perspiration and protein, and does not add any silver or copper to the cable jacket. In this way, Leoni ensures a long-term hygienic benefit.