Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo: Leoni to present extensive portfolio of cables for alternative drive systems in North America

- Charging leads and high-voltage cables for efficient and safe power supply to electric cars and hybrid vehicles
- Novi Suburban Collection Showplace, Booth 1027

Nuremberg – Leoni, a global provider of energy and data management solutions in the automotive sector and other industries, will showcase its EVC charging cables and Hivocar high-voltage cables at the Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo (Booth 1027) in Novi, Michigan (September 11-13, 2018). The cables cover the entire charging system; from the charging station to the vehicle and, in the car, from the charging port via the power electronics to the high-voltage battery. With this new LEONiQ key technology, the Company adds intelligence to the system.

By adopting existing requirements for charging cables in an own standard, namely UL 2263, Electric Vehicle Charging, the North American market is following the worldwide efforts to standardize. UL furthermore plans to broaden its present classes of 300 V (EVJE, EVJT, EVJ) for AC charging and 600 V (EVE, EVT, EV) for DC charging to include a 1000 V category in line with the European EN 50620 standard for, among other applications, liquid-cooled fast charging systems.

Thanks to our LEONiQ key technology, such high-power charging cycles can now be monitored and optimized; virtually in real time and no matter where in the world. LEONiQ can monitor such differing parameters as temperature and mechanical stress along any given cable system as well as record this data, send it by means of cloud services and evaluate it. For instance, based on sensor data from the charging station and the vehicle battery combined with the cable’s temperature, every charge can thus be run at the maximum possible power at all times without causing harm to the battery, the vehicle or the customers.

For the US market, Leoni offers an extensive portfolio for existing AC/DC charging classes and, with its High Power Charging (HPC) cables, already provides solutions for the new 1000 V category. This HPC technology works with an active cooling circuit that, among other things, cools the charging cable and thereby permits charging currents of up to 500 A.

Leoni has developed a promising alternative to silicone cables for high-voltage wiring in e-cars. While temperature requirements of up to 200°C must still be fulfilled in hybrid vehicles because of the combination of combustion engines and electric motors, lower temperatures prevail in purely electric vehicles. This development for 150°C applications involves an irradiation crosslinked cable that, with high-flex strands, boasts exceptional flexibility and scores better in terms of resistance to abrasion and aggressive media.

Leoni’s innovative cable solutions for alternative drive systems meet country and region-specific standards as well as a large number of customer standards. In addition to North American UL approvals, the cable manufacturer also has approvals for the European, Chinese and Japanese markets. Its global production options furthermore enable Leoni to promptly supply customers anywhere in the world.