Electromobility as one of Leoni’s future growth drivers

Leading position on the alternative drives market – expansion of product range for vehicles and charging infrastructure

Nuremberg – To Leoni, the leading provider of cables and cable systems to the automotive sector and other industries, electromobility represents a growth factor of the future. In preparation for this enlarging market, the Company is extending its range of products for both the corresponding new vehicles and the charging infrastructure. Like the position it occupies on the market for wiring systems for conventional vehicles – number one in Europe and ranked fourth worldwide – Leoni aims to take a leading position in the alternative drives segment by 2020 as well.

The sales of Business Unit Electromobility, set up in 2010, should amount to an eight-digit Euro figure for the first time in 2013 and will grow disproportionately strongly in the years thereafter. Alongside Europe, the US and Chinese markets will play an especially important role.

High-voltage cables, wiring systems and components

Leoni has set itself the target of enhancing its product portfolio to include all conceivable types of connection designed for the particular electrical requirements of this new vehicle generation. The Company already provides this still young market segment with a large number of innovative high-voltage solutions, which include cables, wiring systems, power distributors, fuse boxes, battery systems and special cables. 

The focus is on high-voltage cables and cable harnesses for high power transmission. These special products are needed because, in cars and commercial vehicles with electric, hybrid or fuel cell drive, 12 volts no longer prevail on their own as they do in conventional vehicles with combustion engines. Instead, electrified powertrains involve voltages up to 1000, which require the cables and components to have special properties with respect to conductivity, mechanical flexibility, thermal capacity and safety.

Safe charging of e-vehicles and plug-in hybrids

Along with its range of vehicle-related products, Leoni is also broadening its offering for charging infrastructure. The cable specialist is presently concentrating on conductive charging technology whereby electric cars and plug-in hybrids are supplied with energy via a current carrying cable. Leoni provides the automotive industry and energy supply companies with varying versions of charging cable, which serve the respective technical characteristics of the various charging options.

These cables are available as loose bulk product and in the form of fully assembled charging cable systems. The latter are fitted with plugs at both ends and some also have a control box integrated in the cable that has safety and communication functions to continuously monitor the charging process and status. In addition, the product range includes cordsets with country-specific approvals, charging plugs and sockets as well as internal wiring for charging stations.