Four pairs for the future

Leoni’s new 4-pair FieldLink cables make PROFINET ready for the complex industrial applications of tomorrow

Nuremberg – There were already plenty of good reasons for PROFINET’s trail of success in automation up to now. In addition to real-time transmission, robust cabling technology and a high degree of reliability, these reasons also include easy installation and rapid commissioning. All these benefits of course remain – however, thanks to an innovative cabling concept, there is now a new chapter to PROFINET’s success story: our new 4-pair FieldLink cables facilitate an increase in data rates from 100 Mbit to as much as 10 Gbit and make the corresponding system fit for the ever more complex industrial applications of the future.

Leoni has developed these new PROFINET cables in various types: along with Type A for fixed installation and Type B for flexible installation there are also Type C versions for application-specific use. We can make additional versions upon customer request.

Users’ focus is likely to be mainly on the three easy-to-strip versions that have a separator giving them sufficient stability and which are especially easy to assemble in the field. With 80dB coupling attenuation, all five 4-pair models meet the criteria for EMC separation class D pursuant to EN 50174-2 and resist increased lateral crush loads. They are also flame retardant, silicone free as well as UV resistant and have limited oil resistance as well as all necessary UL approvals.

With these new PROFINET cables, Leoni has specifically broadened its range of FieldLink products in the especially fast growing segment of Ethernet systems, which are increasingly forging from the sheltered office environment into the tough industrial setting, where they require new solutions. This innovative cabling solution provides an ideal combination of the high data rates required for modern automation systems with the robust and uncomplicated technology that has always characterised PROFINET in industrial use.